Aaron Fyfe -­ ‘All These Days of Changing’ [Tentman]

Dunblane’s Aaron Fyfe released his album Ten songs mid-march and amongst the emotional and heart-bearing tracks is the gem ‘All These Days Of Changing’.

The album is a collection of songs mainly acoustic, slow and fiercely emotional about Fyfe’s lost love, however ‘All These Days Of Changing’ has a different take on it, as it is upbeat, and was written shortly after the referendum about a new Scotland.


The song first features Fyfe and his guitar giving his familiar striped back sound, but shortly after an electric guitar is introduced showing a new fresh sound from him, perhaps to match the lyrics and meaning behind the song.

Although Fyfe claims the song is “non-political”, his honest and simple lyrics state “societies on its knees” and how he’s not giving up on the revolution, which many listeners can deeply connect to when referring to the Scottish Referendum.

This change in his music is certainly not a bad one – as his strong voice, layers of instruments and memorable lyrics certainly make this a powerful song.

Words: Pamela Logan


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