Kloё – ‘Feel’

Since its release, ‘Feel’ has followed in the footsteps of first single ‘Grip’, by occupying the brain space of several prominent bloggers worldwide, keeping the exciting burst of attention that Kloё has so far garnered alive.

It gleams with sparkly production that paints a deep, watery back drop for vocals to float over, calling to mind aspects of Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange, with more synth-pop moodiness.


The subject matter of the lyrics is interesting, as it hones in on the idea that being a musician on stage can create an illusion of heightened desirability, thus putting that person in a position of control.

The one negative thing about the song is that there isn’t really any aspect of the composition that pops out and surprises you/makes you think, “holy shit, how did they think to do that?”

In other words, it comes across a bit sterile at times and teeters on the edge of predictability.

With that said though, it’s not surprising that Kloё and her really quite nice voice are turning important ears, showing very positive signs that she could end up as a major player in the indie/pop world.

Words: Greg Murray


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