Record review: This Silent Forest – Indivision

a1910102907_10Opener ‘We Are We Were’ sounds classical with the soft piano music, but if you give it time to get really into it, it unleashes it’s potential.

Due to the first song being slow and melodic it may take a while to draw the listener in, which might put some people off.


Graeme MacDonald’s vocals are stunningly beautiful and the way he sings gives the music a personal appeal that listeners will enjoy.

The band could be described as indie rock with a small touch of folk music thrown in, not many bands can make these genres mold well together but The Silent Forest make it work with their use of different melodies and instrumentation.

MacDonald’s vocals really make the lyrics come to life with his Celtic voice and the female harmonies used are the icing on the cake and give it a full house feeling.

The lyrics have an essence of delicacy while keeping the indie rock element present, although some lyrics can be repetitive in songs like ‘We Are We Were’.

‘Drowning Man’ is very carefully orchestrated so that it starts up beat and flows off nicely into a more classical ending which makes it one of the better songs here.

‘Arsonist’ has lyrics that are gracefully gelled together, making it a very honest sounding track.

‘This Model Couple’ seems like a very intimate song with lyrics such as “victim in the dark” and “lend me your thoughts, pass me your fear,” which express how personal this track is.

The song starts off slowly and builds into a more powerful middle and drifts off on a single note, arguably one of the best songs on the album.

Indivision finely flows together and even though it starts off quite slow, it gradually builds into something else entirely, the instruments combine with the dazzling lyrics make it very easy listening and give the band a lot of potential to grow.

Words: Alison Kyle


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