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Tryptamines – The Way That Can Be Named Is Not The Nameless Way [Fitlike]

Aberdonian outfit Tryptamines pick up with their new album The Way Which Can be Named is not the Nameless Way, the way they left off with the last track off of their last album ‘The Way Which Can be Named is not the Nameless Way’. Perhaps, given their names, this should have been expected. If you know … Continue Reading ››

Scottish Indie Sampler Vol II. [GoldMold]

What is indie music? It’s a good question especially as for most of the mid-2000s it seemed mostly synonymous with four skinny white boys with electric guitars, releasing records on nominally “independent” labels that were in practice the arms length brainchildren of some of the world’s most powerful label groups, This compilation, volume II in what … Continue Reading ››