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Live Review: The Sea Kings, Animal Lover at Sleazy’s 2/8/13

1098430_552218024839643_2068660334_nArriving on this tragically hot summer night, wandering down to the under-lit Sleazy’s basement I wonder if this atmospheric beginning is in fact foreshadowing the events later to come. In anticipation of hearing The Sea Kings' newly released (previously reviewed as somewhat unexpected and distinct sounding from … Continue Reading ››

Live review: Summer Nights 2012 featuring Aaron Wright, Lovers Turn to Monsters, The Sea Kings, Brown Bear and the Bandits at Tut’s, 18/7/12

The wonderfully bluesy Aaron Wright and his band are a pretty suave looking bunch. The 23 year old from Edinburgh sounds like he has been performing well beyond years and begins with the whimsical 'Trampoline', setting the standard pretty high for … Continue Reading ››