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The Bellybuttons – Wires

Newest release from The Bellybuttons, three track EP Wires, highlights an irreplaceable coolness with slick 90s vibes - the most important release of 2017 thus far. First track ‘Referendum on you (enemies)’ captures a calming and airy dynamic, cleverly put together and creatively charged - counter melodies weaving throughout. Effortlessly gliding into the second track ‘Autumn Song’, … Continue Reading ››

Tenement Trail, 8/10/16

My Tenement Trail starts in the Sleazy’s basement, following a visit to Love Music for a caringly delivered in-store from Edinburgh’s booming charmer Mt. Doubt, who airs a few new tracks which sound as cosy as any of his previous material despite singer Leo Bargery forgetting the words of one of said songs. Still, his disgusted … Continue Reading ››

Top picks for Tenement Trail

This Saturday sees the return of Tenement TV’s all day multi venue festival Tenement Trail so we had a wee peek at the line up to give you our picks of the line up: Sweaty Palms at Broadcast (5.00) “Refusing to bow down to the crowd-pleasing generics of what it takes to … Continue Reading ››

Fuzzkill presents The Shivas, The Bellybuttons at Broadcast, 8/7/16

The Shivas coast into Glasgow all the way from Portland, OR., spearheading the latest wave of the surf-rock revival after a string of dates with fellow beach bunnies La Luz last year. The trio has a slightly haunted look; that of a bizarro world Scooby–Doo gang, who took a wrong turn at the abandoned funfair and … Continue Reading ››

The Bellybuttons – PLAY! [Fuzzkill]

We all remember our first time; that unintentional stumble into visionary musical excellence; whether it be from rifling through your dad's vinyl collection to unwittingly uncover a dusty Lou Reed Transformer sleeve, buying a second hand CD of Stoned And Dethroned from a car boot sale - unleashing The Jesus and Mary Chain into your life … Continue Reading ››