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T in the Park, Friday, 11/7/14

There’s sweltering sunshine around the now legendary grounds of Balado, and Scotland’s biggest festival is ready to say one big goodbye to the airfield that many have enjoyed the best parties of their lives in for just short of two decades. Yes, T in the Park, whether you personally love it or hate it does have … Continue Reading ››

TeenCanteen – ‘You’re Still Mine’ [S.W.A.L.K. Records]

From the very opening line of the new single from all-girl, indie-pop, foursome TeenCanteen, (Im not asking you to love me/Im asking you to tell me why you dont) we immediately get the feeling that these girls are not asking to be heard as nicely as their sound would lead you to believe. Instead, they are … Continue Reading ››

T Break: Find Your T Highlight Here

It’s another year, it’s another summer and here’s hoping it’ll be as nice last year, yes the blistering heat of T last year left a few people a little worse for wear, staggering about looking for the next luke warm lager, but we can have no argument that’d it’s more fun in the sun. However we … Continue Reading ››