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Spinning Coin – ‘Raining On Hope Street’ [Geographic]

There’s something out of time about Spinning Coin’s latest single, ‘Raining On Hope Street’, a sense of being suspended in a fleeting, wistful dream. While DIY movements are usually associated with punk, Glasgow has a rich history of indie making its political statement through nuanced narratives of everyday life told through song; less about tearing up … Continue Reading ››

François and the Atlas Mountains, Spinning Coin at Mono, 30/3/17

François and the Atlas Mountains open with a clutch of songs from brilliant new record Solide Mirage, including ‘Tendre Est l’Âme’ and the gorgeous calypso lilt ‘Apocalypse à Ipsos’, each of which turns on a variation of a single groove; peaking and dipping like a gentle wave. The highlife-inflected ‘Grand Dérèglement’ is an early standout; a joyous, … Continue Reading ››

Shopping, Spinning Coin, Seconds at The Old Hairdressers, 15/12/15

Fresh from a six-week tour of the USA, Shopping end 2015 on a roll. They have had a tremendous 12 months, following on the success of their debut record, Consumer Complaints, with this year's equally excellent Why Choose?. I've seen Shopping a couple times over that period, closing London's legendary Buffalo Bar at the end of last … Continue Reading ››

Fuzzkill presents Spinning Coin (EP launch), Breakfast MUFF, Psychic Soviets, Long Limbs at The Hug and Pint, 16/10/15

Another day, another review of something Fuzzkill related. That’s not a complaint; just you may have noticed we’ve reviewed more records released on the lo-fi fuzzy focused label that any other, and that’s compliment to their prolific, yet stellar output. Tonight is the launch of Glasgow lo-fi pop four-piece Spinning Coin’s EP and it’s a bill full … Continue Reading ››

Spinning Coin – Tape [Winning Sperm Party]

The little information available on Spinning Coin tells me they are a Glasgow based outfit comprised of four members, all of whom have respectively been involved with several other celebrated Glasgow bands. This information is indicative of Spinning Coin’s sound in that it suggests a band of many tastes and influences, although thankfully one which has … Continue Reading ››