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Haight-Ashbury at Tut’s, 11/12/14

Nothing says going “full-hippy”, like naming your band after San Francisco’s 1960s counterculture centre. Fortunately there is nothing “full-hippy” about the Glasgow trio Haight-Ashbury; nor is there any paganistic “handfasting” or any other symbolistic floral-esque vapidness. Haight-Ashbury perform a humble and intimate set, that is perfect for their style of music; angelically folky, with Kirsty Reid and … Continue Reading ››

Young Marble Giants, Haight-Ashbury at Stereo, 20/10/14

An eager crowd gather early on among the pillars of Stereo to watch Glasgow’s Haight-Ashbury perform support to the legends of lo-fi, Young Marble Giants, for the second night in a row. Playing only two shows on what has to be called a comeback tour, YMG chose Manchester and Glasgow as their hosts for what might … Continue Reading ››

Live review: Haight-Ashbury, Captain and the Kings, Soho Dandy at Captains Rest, 8/3/12

First up is Soho Dandy, whose name (oddly enough) is from a headline announcing the death of London artist Sebastian Horsely. While their music lacks the flamboyance of their namesake it is still as interesting, with a particular hit with the crowd being a fiercely anti-Scottish … Continue Reading ››