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King Tut’s Summer Nights with Made As Mannequins, Poor Frisco, Broken Boy, Saint Secaire, 23/7/15

I’m in high sprits as I make my way along to King Tut’s for my first of their Summer Nights. Tonight’s show is one of the few that really caught my eye with a few of my current favourites filling the lineup. First up is the only band I don’t recognise but I assume by the rest … Continue Reading ››

Broken Boy – ‘Just To Leave You’ [Canvas]

Fife indie pop trio Broken Boy release the energetic new single ‘Just To Leave You’ with an air of professionalism and confidence. Wearing it's influences proudly, ‘Just To Leave You’ amalgamates elements of most guitar bands this side of the millennium with tight drum fills recalling early Kings Of Leon and the trebly, aggressive rhythm guitar … Continue Reading ››