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Wide Days Showcases ft. Be Charlotte, Best Girl Athlete, Elle Exxe, Tongues, The Van T’s, Scumpulse

Having not made the conferences during the day due to work commitment I arrived at Wide Days for, well, the best bit. Let’s face it people talking about the music industry can be very interesting and entertaining, and there were some topics on this year’s agenda which I would have very much like to have seen … Continue Reading ››

Best Girl Athlete – ‘Seven Seconds’ [Fit Like]

Katie Buchan, better known as Best Girl Athlete, returns with new single ‘Seven Seconds’, taken from her album, Carve Every Word, which was released in March this year. The Aberdeen born folk/pop singer demonstrates her ability to write melodic, peaceful music, which is highlighted throughout the single. It is very delicate; with the gentle vocals from Buchan … Continue Reading ››

Best Girl Athlete – Carve Every Word [Minty Fresh/Fitlike]

Listening to the new Best Girl Athlete album, Carve Every Word, it is difficult to believe that behind it all is 15-year-old Katie Buchan. It is difficult to believe because this album contains sounds, which compliment each other and mature lyrical content alongside strong vocals. Opening with ‘Winter Sun’, we are introduced to the mix of pop … Continue Reading ››

Best Girl Athlete – ‘Leave It All Behind/Best Girl Athlete in School’ 

Close your eyes and take a second to embrace the subtle tones of Best Girl Athlete (aka Katie Buchan) who at the young age of 15 has managed to execute and produce quite a charming debut double single. ‘Best Girl Athlete in School’ is a soft, laid back piece, that conjures memories of slow Sunday mornings, … Continue Reading ››