Glasgow Listings

15/3 At The Drive-In, Death From Above, Le Butcherettes at Academy

15/3 Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, In Arkadia at ABC

15/3 OUTLYA at Stereo

15/3 Nasari, Fabric Bear, 0141, Shiva at Broadcast

15/3 Club Decode presents Walt Disco, SAHARA, Real Life Entertainment at Sleazy’s

15/3 Static Union, Weatherston, The Vignettes at The Hug and Pint

15/3 GoldMold presents Clearer The Sky, Antiguo at Bloc

15/3 Newborn Sessions presents St Mungo at Classic Grand

15/3 GoldMold presents Clearer The Sky, Antiguo at Bloc

15/3 Tonight Matthew, I’m Going To Be… at Art School (club)

15/3 Headset with Ariose, Partial, Skillis, Mullen, Keo at Sub Club (club)

15/3 Pale with Kieran Apter at La Cheetah (club)

15/3 Walk N Skank with Bukkha at Berkeley Suite (club)

15/3 Steamed James with Lose Your Dignity at Stereo (club)

15/3 Buss Down with K4CIE, $1000 Wallet, Plantainchips, Vatsu at Broadcast (club)

15/3 Pray 4 Love  at Sleazy’s (club)

16/3 YES at SECC

16/3 Joan Baez at Royal Concert Hall

16/3 Rae Morris at Art School

16/3 Wyvern Lingo at Stereo

16/3 All Tvvins, Lakyoto at Tut’s

16/3 Freddie Quell (EP launch), Puppy Fat, Jutland Songs at Broadcast

16/3 Scruff of the Neck & Fortune presents The Method One, Black Dove, Static Roots, Rottenrows at Sleazy’s

16/3 Adem at The Hug and Pint

16/3 Acid Cannibals (EP launch) at Old Hairdressers

16/3 O.D.L at Classic Grand

16/3 The Wartime Coat, Kings of Unity, The Shows, Emu War at Classic Grand

16/3 CONFLICT at Audio

16/3 Minded Fury, Adjust, Climate of Fear at Flying Duck

16/3 Komodo Kolektif at Rum Shack

16/3 Applebum at SWG3 (club)

16/3 Occupied present TSVI at Art School (club)

16/3 I AM with Boyz Noize at Sub Club (club)

16/3 Partial with Job Sifre at La Cheetah (club)

16/3 The Yellow Door at Berkeley Suite (club)

16/3 Moonlight with IDA at Stereo (club)

16/3 Queeriosity at Poetry Club (club)

16/3 Taijitu with The Mirror Dance at Broadcast (club)

16/3 Permanent Daylight at Bloc (club)

16/3 Invisible, Inc presents Komodo Kolektif at Rum Shack (club)

17/3 Frightened Rabbit at Academy

17/3 Stiff Little Fingers, The Ruts at Barrowlands

17/3 Smokie, Bagatelle at Armadillo

17/3 Blue October, Broken Witt Rebel at ABC

17/3 Hookworms at The Art School

17/3 Field Music, Mary Epworth at Saint Lukes

17/3 A Certain Ratio at Stereo

17/3 The Pearl Harts at Garage

17/3 Slouch, Slim Mistress, Sensei, Hollow Tones at Tut’s

17/3 This Feeling and Metropolis Music presents Sheafs, Voodoos at Broadcast

17/3 Banshee, 100 Fables, Crashed at Sleazy’s

17/3 Rats From A Sinking Ship at Hug and Pint

17/3 Soft Riot, Adam Usi, Womensaid & IO Pan at Old Hairdressers

17/3 Lou Mclean, Peter Johnstone, Kimona at NHC

17/3 The Statler Project at McChuills

17/3 SPH Band Contest with Cerberon, Crashkid!, Jack Rabbit Slams, Layaway at Flying Duck

17/3 Sasha & John Digweed at SWG3 (club)

17/3 Subculture with Big Miz at Sub Club (club)

17/3 La Cheetah Meets Wania with DJ Sotofett (club)

17/3 Horse Meat Disco at Berkeley Suite (club)

17/3 Mountain High Band at Stereo (club)

17/3 The Lance Vance Dance at Sleazy’s (club)

17/3 The Church of Good Times at Broadcast (club)

17/3 Fantastic Man at Bloc (club)

17/3 Mojo Workin’ at Rum Shack (club)

18/3 Niall Horan, Julia Michaels at Armadillo

18/3 Sandfest with The Bluebells, Justin Currie, James Grant, Clare Grogan, Grahame Skinner at Royal Concert Hall

18/3 Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors at Stereo

18/3 Mary Spender at Broadcast

18/3 Rhinoplast, Faiides, Wendell Borton at Sleazy’s

18/3 Michael Timmons at Hug and Pint

18/3 CONFLICT at Audio

18/3 C Joynes + Barrett’s Dottled Beauty at Glad Cafe

18/3 Newborn Sessions presents Jack Vize at Classic Grand

18/3 Sunday with Bake, Disco Medusae at La Cheetah (club)

18/3 Attenion//Please with Telford at Berkeley Suite (club)

19/3 Niall Horan, Julia Michaels at Armadillo

19/3 Open Mike Eagle at Stereo

19/3 Mahalia at Tut’s

19/3 Lunatics Lost at Hug and Pint

19/3 Blochestra at Bloc

20/3 Jason Derulo at The Hydro

20/3 Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde ft. Fatlip and Slimkid3 at ABC

20/3 Jessie Ware at Old Fruitmarket

20/3 Myles Kennedy at The Garage

20/3 Joel Baker at Broadcast

20/3 Sumo Cyco, Skarlett Riot at Audio

20/3 Flux Velociraptor (EP launch) at Bloc

20/3 I AM at Sub Club (club)

20/3 Buckfast Supernova at Sleazy’s (club)

21/3 KNOWER at ABC

21/3 Sigrid at Saint Lukes

21/3 Yves at Garage

21/3 Queer Theory at Sleazy’s

21/3 Oh My God! It’s the Church! at the Hug and Pint

21/3 NOVATINES at Audio

21/3 The Jellyman’s Daughter, Roseanne Reid at Glad Cafe

21/3 SLACK at Bloc

21/3 Algorhythm with 12th Isle at La Cheetah (club)

21/3 Don’t Be Gutted at Sleazy’s (club)

22/3 Vance Joy, Lily Moore at ABC

22/3 Madison Beer, Kara Marni at ABC

22/3 Drop The Baby, Light From The City, Stone Ivy, Ghostbaby at Tut’s

22/3 Club Decode presents Glitter with Stillhound, Beta Waves, Aylee at Sleazy’s

22/3 Anushka at The Hug and Pint

22/3 VLMV, Constant Follower at Glad Cafe

22/3 Newborn Sessions Savona at Classic Grand

22/3 Mr Marcaille, Chinsniffer, Rrraouhhh, Cartilage at Bloc

22/3 Rod Picott at The Doublet

22/3 Triple Cooked presents Neon Boogie at SWG3 (club)

22/3 DONT DROP with Sub-An, Adam Shelton at Sub Club (club)

22/3 Eutony with Under Black Helmet at La Cheetah (club)

22/3 Walk n Skank with Daddy Mello at Berkeley Suite (club)

22/3 Resonance at Stereo (club)

22/3 The Breakfast Club at Sleazy’s (club)

22/3 Kitchen Cuts at Broadcast (club)

23/3 Sam Smith, BRUNO MAJOR at The Hydro

23/3 Alabama 3 at Academy

23/3 Tom Brennan, Ten Tonnes, Cuckoolander at ABC

23/3 Dream Wife at Stereo

23/3 Lily Allen at Tut’s

23/3 This Feeling with Calva Louise, Heavy Rapids, Weekend Debt, Real Life Entertainment at Broadcast

23/3 Cath & Phil Tyler at Glad Cafe

23/3 Thunder Disco with OR:LA at Sub Club (club)

23/3 Solid State presents Funkineven at La Cheetah (club)

23/3 Date Night at Sleazy’s (club)

23/3 Pala at Broadcast (club)

23/3 East European Rave Explosion at Flying Duck (club)

23/3 Mandate at Bloc (club)

24/3 Sam Smith at The Hydro

24/3 Young Fathers at Barrowlands

24/3 The Shores at Stereo

24/3 Ceòl ‘s Craic with Gaelictronica at CCA

24/3 Catholic Action and Friends Takeover with ST.MARTiiNS, Shredd, The Bellybuttons, Life Model, West Princes, Herbert Powell, Ewan Cruickshanks, CLUB SABBATH at Tut’s

24/3 Purple Heart Parade at Broadcast

24/3 Rail Cavles presents Bahnhof+ at Old Hairdressers

24/3 Mt. Wolf at The Glad Cafe

24/3 Antisocial Mothers at Rum Shack

24/3 Lavin’ It Large at SWG3 (club)

24/3 Subculture at Sub Club (club)

24/3 Acid Flash with IDA, Kris McEwan, Mark Dickov at La Cheetah (club)

24/3 Lunacy x Palais de Danse with TAKO at Berkeley Suite (club)

24/3 Shaka Loves You presents Joints n Jams! at Sleazy’s (club)

24/4 Hyperfunk ft. Angel Delight Broadcast (club)

24/4 Pearl Necklace at Bloc (club)

25/3 Thirty Seconds To Mars at The Hydro

25/3 Dodie at ABC

25/3 Social Sessions for Social Bite at Stereo

25/3 Pete Astor at Mono

25/3 Mick Hargan & Vintage Apollos, Juan Valls, Tommy McGuire ar Broadcast

25/3 Crowhurst, Atragon at Audio

25/3 Diane Cluck, Howie Reeve at Glad Cafe

25/3 Steven G. Leonard at Ivory Blacks

25/3 Sundays with House of Traps at La Cheetah (club)

25/3 Mind Yer Self with COEO at Berkeley Suite (club)

26/3 Flight of the Conchords at The Hydro

26/3 Phoenix at Barrowlands

26/3 Django Django at SWG3

26/3 Sabrina Benaim at Oran Mor

26/3 Jon Collin, Kiran Leonard, Jessica Higgins at Mono

26/3 Port Cities, John Edge & The Kings of Nowhere, Greenfinch at Tut’s

26/3 Terra Melos at The Hug and Pint

26/3 Warrior Soul, Swamp Born Assassins at Audio

26/3 The Blas Collective at Bloc

27/3 Anne-Marie at Academy

27/3 Lyrical Life Lessons presents FOREIGNFOX, Ultras at Stereo

27/3 Christy O’Donnell, Fraser Murray at Tut’s

27/3 Coilguns at Hug and Pint

27/3 Alasdair Roberts, David McGuiness & Amble Skuse, Cucina Povera at Glad Cafe

27/3 Walter Etc., The Pooches at Bloc

27/3 R.J at Commitee Room No9


27/3 I AM at Sub Club (club)

28/3 Embrace, EEVAH at Academy

28/3 George Fitzgerald at Art School

28/3 Doctors of Madness at Oran Mor

28/3 Freakender present L.A. Witch, CHUMP, Objectified at Sleazy’s

28/3 Dr Alex Paterson at Hug and Pint

28/3 Dammit presents Switch Bones, Slowlight, Paper Rifles at Bloc

28/3 Parly B & Digital Foundation at Rum Shack

28/3 Freak Like Me at Sleazy’s (club)

29/3 Tom Walker at Oran Mor

29/3 Hunter & The Bear at Tut’s

29/3 Carma, Conor Heafey at Broadcast

29/3 The Little Unsaid at The Hug and Pint

29/3 Doyle, The Dead XIII at Cathouse

29/3 Bloodlines (EP launch) at Old Hairdressers

29/3 Le Thug, Fairies, Snack Villain at Glad Cafe

29/3 Stretched at Bloc

29/3 Lars Pluto presents Revolution in the Round at Classic Grand

29/3 We Gotta Get Theroux This at SWG3 (club)

29/3 Walk n Skank with Mungo’s Bestest Friday at Berkeley Suite (club)

29/3 Atomic Blondie at Broadcast (club)

30/3 The South, Louise Connell at ABC

30/3 30 Sense with Mall Grab, Denis Sulta at Saint Lukes

30/3 Raymond Meade, Parliamo at Stereo

30/3 The Secret Sisters at Cottiers

30/3 Acrylic, Vagabond, All The Franklins at Tut’s

30/3 Gallus (single launch) at Broadcast

30/3 The Trudyloots (EP launch) at Hug and Pint

30/3 Chiara Berardelli, Amy Duncan at Glad Cafe

30/3 Black Foxxes at Cathouse

30/3 Hedkandi with Lovely Laura, Ben Santiago at SWG3 (club)

30/3 Claptone at SWG3 (club)

30/3 G.Y.A presents Blasha & Allatt at Art School (club)

30/3 Sensu presents Mall Grab, Denis Sulta at Sub Club (club)

30/3 The Sweet Life with CRATEBUG at Berkeley Suite (club)

30/3 Hererotopia with du-su at Stereo (club)

30/3 Missing Persons Club with Wes Baggaley at Poetry Club (club)

30/3 Lunacy at Sleazy’s (club)

30/3 Peach x Nang at Broadcast (club)

30/3 Shake Appeal at Bloc (club)

30/3 Crucial Roots at Rum Shack (club)

31/3 Macklemore at Academ

31/3 The Fratellis at Barrowlands

31/3 MØ, Skott at ABC

31/3 Eliza and the Bear, Ava Love, Hight at ABC

31/3 The Strange Blue Dreams at Oran Mor

31/3 Last Night From Glasgow’s Bigger Birthday Bash with bis, L-space, Sun Rose, Stephen Solo at Stereo

31/3 Tide Lines at Garage

31/3 Sounds in the Suburbs presents JJ Gilmour at CCA

31/3 The Frontiers, Triptych, Metro Mafia, The Drop at Tut’s

31/3 The Ramona Flowers at Broadcast

31/3 Honey Ride Me A Goat, Sumshapes, Smack Wizards at Sleazy’s

31/3 Misc. Meat (EP launch) at Hug and Pint

31/3 Double S-Side Records presents Book Group, Home Economics, Caitlin Buchanan at Old Hairdressers

31/3 Tom Hingley & The Karpets at Audio

31/3 The Blow at Glad Cafe

31/3 Maximum Pressure Easter Sunday at SWG3 (club)

31/3 Fleetmac Wood presents Sisters of the Moon Disco at Art School (club)

31/3 Subculture with Dekmatel Soundsystem at Sub Club (club)

31/3 The 2 Bears at Berkeley Suite (club)

31/3 Jose <3’s Disco at Broadcast (club)

31/3 Gonzo at Bloc (club)

1/4 Sunflower Bean, Sorry at Stereo

1/4 No Age at Mono

1/4 SPINN at Broadcast

1/4 Cellar Darling at Audio

1/4 Melting Pot Easter Sunday Special with Mr Scruff at The Admiral (club)

3/4 Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite at Oran Mor

3/4 Otherkin at The Garage

3/4 LOVE SICK at Sleazy’s

4/4 SG Lewis at ABC

5/4 Evanescene at Clyde Armadillo

5/4 3 Generations of Ska with Stranger Cole, Neville Staple Band, The Paradimes, Skaledonia at ABC

5/4 Joana Serrat at The Hug and Pint

6/4 The Wonder Stuff, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, Graham Crabb at ABC

6/4 Lissie at Oran Mor

6/4 The Local, Greenfinch at Sleazy’s

6/4 Carnivores at The Hug and Pint

6/4 Speak Brother at Glad Cafe

7/4 Epica at ABC

7/4 Space at ABC

7/4 Oceans of Slumber at ABC

7/4 Carnivores at The Hug and Pint

8/4 Gregory Porter at Royal Concert Hall

8/4 Demob Happy at Broadcast

8/4 Jessica Lea Mayfield at The Hug and Pint

9/4 Blanket, Coldbones at Broadcast

10/4 Arlissa at ABC

11/4 Little Comets at Oran Mor

11/4 Queen Zee at Tut’s

12/4 Dua Lipa at The Hydro

12/4 Henry Gallagher at ABC

12/4 Shame at Stereo

12/4 Florist at The Hug and Pint

13/4 Calum Scott at ABC

13/4 Fenne Lily at Stereo

13/4 Aquilo at Tut’s

13/4 Quitter at Old Hairdressers

14/4 Harry Styles at The Hydro

14/4 Walk The Moon at ABC

14/4 Mabel at ABC

14/4 Porches at Mono

14/4 Eric Chenaux  at the Glad Cafe

14/4 Jannette Mason and Red Alert at the Blue Arrow Club

14/4 Music’s Not For Everyone with Andrew Weatherall at Berkeley Suite

14/4 A Love From Outer Space with Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston at Berkeley Suite (club)

15/4 Hinds at SWG3

15/4 Isaac Gracie at Tut’s

15/4 SAVAGE MESSIAH at Cathouse

15/4 Pillow Queens at The Glad Cafe

16/4 Arcade Fire, Preservation Hall Jazz Band at The Hydro

16/4 The White Buffalo at ABC

16/4 In The Round featuring Jerry Harmon, Connor Adams, Steve Young at Tut’s

17/4 IDLES, LICE at The Garage

18/4 Escala at Oran Mor

18/4 Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons at The Garage

18/4 Ugly Kid Joe, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons at The Garage

18/4 Just Jack at The Hug and Pint

19/4 Akala at ABC

19/4 Podcart and GoldMold presents Fontaines D.C., Shredd at Bloc

20/4 The Streets at Academy

20/4 Propagandhi, Petrol Girls at Saint Lukes

20/4 Brownbear (album launch), Mt. Doubt at Stereo

20/4 Nick J.D. Hodgson at Tut’s

20/4 Lucy Dacus at The Hug and Pint

21/4 The Vamps at The Hydro

21/4 Andrew WK at The Garage

21/4 The Low Anthem at Stereo

21/4 100 Fables at Broadcast

21/4 Grant-Lee Phillips at Tut’s

21/4 The Sea Atlas, Man of the Minch, Scott Wallace at Hug and Pint

22/4 Of Mice & Men, Wage War, Sylar at ABC

22/4 Ought at Stereo

22/4 Mallory Knox at Tut’s

22/4 Carousel Kings, Home Wrecked at Broadcast

22/4 Zoe Bestell (album launch), Annie Booth, Jared Celosse at The Hug and Pint

23/4 Gengahr at Tut’s

24/4 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds at The Hydro

24/4 Skindred, CKY at ABC

24/4 Ciaran Lavery at Glad Cafe

25/4 Angus Munro at The Hug and Pint

25/4 Havok, Darkest Hour, Cephalic Carnage, Harlott at Cathouse

26/4 Good Karma Club with The Academic, Sea Girls, Zuzu at Tut’s

26/4 Ttng, Vasa, Adult Fun at Classic Grand

27/4 Bleed From Within at Saint Lukes

27/4 Halo Tora at Stereo

27/4 Ultimate Painting at Mono

27/4 Columbia Mills at Tut’s

27/4 Avalanche Party at Broadcast

27/4 4 Past Midnight at Audio

28/4 Gomez at Barrowlands

28/4 Scotland Calling at ABC

28/4 Gypsyfingers at The Hug and Pint

29/4 Yo La Tengo at SWG3

30/4 METZ, Moaning at Stereo

30/4 Katie Von Schleicher at The Hug and Pint

30/4 OMNIUM GATHERUM, Skálmöld, Stam1n at Audio

2/5 Whitney Rose at ABC

2/5 Novelists, Landmvrks at The Garage

2/5 Movements at Tut’s

2/5 Pinkshinyultrablast, the Cherry Wave at Broadcast

3/5 Seun Kuti, Egypt 80 at Oran Mor

3/5 The Moods at MChuills

4/5 The Alarm at ABC

4/5 We Came As Romans, THE PLOT IN YOU at Cathouse

4/5 Twisted Wheel at Record Factory

4/5 The Apparells at Record Factory

5/5 Heather Small at ABC

5/5 sir Was at Stereo

7/5 Tears for Fears at Armadillo

7/5 Vundabar at The Hug and Pint

8/5 PEACE, Whenyoung at Saint Lukes

8/5 CHRCH at Sleazy’s

8/5 Anna Burch at The Hug and Pint

8/5 DMA’s, Hatchie at Hug and Pint

9/5 Conan, Monolord at Audio

10/5 Nadine Coyle at ABC

10/5 We Are Scientists at The Garage

10/5 Nap Eyes at The Hug and Pint

11/5 Neon Waltz at Tut’s

11/5 Midas Fall at 13th Note

13/5 Dialects at Sleazy’s

14/5 Ray LaMontagne at Armadillo

14/5 Durand Jones & The Indications at Stereo

14/5 Circuit Des Yeux at Mono

14/5 Partner at Broadcast

15/5 Acid Dad at Sleazy’s

14/5 Wreckless Eric at Hug and Pint

15/5 Island, Leif Erikson at Tut’s


17/5 Woodwife at ABC

17/5 Aidan Moffat, RM Hubbert at Saint Lukes

18/5 Rend Collective at Academy

18/5 Car Seat Headrest at ABC

18/5 The Common Cold at ABC

18/5 Freakender presents Fruit Tones, The Bellybuttons, Thee Mightees at Sleazy’s

18/5 NECRO at Classic Grand

18/5 GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT at Classic Grand

19/5 Britrock Must Be Destroyed with Reef, The Wildhearts, Terrorvision. Dodgy at Academy

19/5 Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel at Royal Concert Hall

19/5 Spear of Destiny at Tut’s

19/5 Steven G. Leonard at Record Factory

20/5 Rolling Blackouts and Coastal Fever, Boy Azooga at CCA

20/5 Lo Moon at Broadcast

21/5 ALMA at ABC

21/5 Bully at The Hug and Pint

22/5 Sparks at ABC

22/5 Screaming Females at Broadcast

23/5 Machine Head at Academy

23/5 Nilüfer Yanya at Broadcast

24/5 Robyn Hitchcock at Oran Mor

25/5 Bryan Adams at The Hydro

25/5 KAZE at Hug and Pint

26/5 Bryan Adams at The Hydro

26/5 Riverside Festival ft. Dax J, Dixon, Len Faki, Marcus Worgull, Nastia, Paula Temple, Robert Hood, Rødhåd, Slam, Sven Väth

26/5 The Rutles at Oran Mor

27/5 Riverside Festival ft. Adam Beyer, Fatima Yamaha, Four Tet, Green Velvet, Ida, Jackmaster, Joy Orbison, Leftfield, Richie Hawtin, Saoirse, Skream, Slam

27/5 Superchunk at Stereo

27/5 Taiyo Kimura at Stereo

28/5 Ezra Furman at ABC

29/5 Frankie Cosmos at The Art School

29/5 Broken Social Scene at The Garage

1/6 Ed Sheeran at Hampden Park

1/6 Monster Magnet, Table Scraps at The Garage

1/6 Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Scorpio at Classic Grand

2/6 Courtney Barnett, Loose Tooth at Barrowlands

2/6 Ginger Wildheart at Mackintosh Church

2/6 Haux at Stereo

2/6 Parliamo at Broadcast

4/6 Team Picture at Hug and Pint

5/6 Camila Cabello at Academy

5/6 Loma at Mackintosh Church

8/6 Crack Cloud at Hug and Pint

10/6 Haim at Academy

12/6 Palm at The Hug and Pint

14/6 Proud Mary at Tut’s

14/6 Dixie Fried at Tut’s

14/6 Moaning at Broadcast

15/6 Dr Hook at Kelvingrove Bandstand

15/6 pink kink at The Garage

16/6 Belly at ABC

16/6 Dr Hook at Kelvingrove Bandstand

17/6 The Skids at Kelvingrove Bandstand

22/6 Greenfinch at Broadcast

23/6 Lulu at Kelvingrove Bandstand

24/6 Katy Perry at The Hydro

24/6 Pist.On at ABC

29/6 TRANSMT with Stereophonics, The Script, James Bay, Kodaline, Jessie J, Picture This, Tom Walker, Pale Waves, Marmozets, Anteros, Sam Fender, The Ninth Wave at Glasgow Green

29/6 Roger Waters at The Hydro

30/6 TRANSMT with Liam Gallagher, Courteeners, Wolf Alice, J HUS, Krept x Konan, Shed Seven, Gerry Cinnamon, The Sherlocks, IAMDDB, Kyle Falconer, The Snuts, Bas at Glasgow Green

30/6 Roger Waters at The Hydro

1/7 TRANSMT with Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, Blossoms, Nothing But Thieves, Declan McKenna, Miles Kane, Tom Grennan, Sigrid, King No-One, Dermot Kennedy, Confidence Man, The Magic Gang, Island at Glasgow Green

4/7 Eels at Academy

5/7 Justin Timberlake at The Hydro

6/7 TRANSMT with Queen + Adam Lambert, Texas, The Darkness, The Temperance Movement at Glasgow Green

6/7 Corrupt the System, Circle of Tyrants, Dominicide at Sleazy’s

7/7 TRANSMT with The Killers, CHVRCHES, Franz Ferdinand, Friendly Fires, Jessie Ware, Lewis Capaldi, Hudson Taylor, Nina Nesbitt, Walking on Cars, Jane Weaver, Gang of Youths, Juanita Stein at Glasgow Green

11/7 Paul Simon at The Hydro

18/7 Ministry, Chelsea Wolfe at ABC

24/7 The Gaslight Anthem, The Flatliners, Matthew Ryan at Barrowlands

29/7 Act of Defiance at Cathouse

2/8 John Moreland, John Prine at Kelvingrove Bandstand

14/8 Pianos Become the Teeth, Foxing at Stereo

17/8 The Rising Souls at Tut’s

29/8 Summer Sessions with Kendrick Lamar at Bellahouston Park

14/9 Jurassic Park In Concert at Armadillo

21/9 Shania Twain at The Hydro

29/9 Tenement Trail

30/9 Kylie Minogue at The Hydro

17/10 Michael Bolton at Armadillo

20/10 Hunter & The Bear at The Garage

3/11 The Media Whores at Tut’s

17/10 Ash at ABC

3/11 Soul II Soul at Armadillo

15/12 Deacon Blue at The Hydro

21/12 Travis at The Hydro

5/2 VNV NATION at The Garage

We trying to keep our listings of upcoming gigs for Glasgow as comprehensive and up to date as possible, so if there is anything we’re missing please drop us a message to

Rave Child – Glasgow music, enjoy!

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