Glasgow Listings

15/5 Don McLean at Royal Concert Hall

15/5 Too Many Zoos at Saint Lukes

15/5 Island, Club Kuru, Howling Home at Tut’s

15/5 Freakender presents Acid Dad, BOYTOY at Sleazy’s

15/5 Common Holly at Hug and Pint

15/5 Birdstroiking, Filth Spector, respectfulchild at Old Hairdressers

15/5 Miki Yui, Mark Vernon at Glad Cafe

15/5 I AM with Jasper James at Sub Club (club)

15/5 Buckfast Supernova at Sleazy’s (club)


16/5 RA The Rugged Man at Oran Mor

16/5 Merge at The Garage

16/5 Ratboys, Wild Pink at Broadcast

16/5 Grey Hairs at Hug and Pint

16/5 Billordo, Muppet Mule, Calacas at Old Hairdressers

16/5 Newborn Sessions presents Sapienn, Kyle O at Classic Grand

16/5 Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham at Cottiers

16/5 Algorythm with KGW at La Cheetah (club)

16/5 Kikabila Sounds with Puma Bad with Mind Yer Self at Stereo (club)

16/5 Don’t Be Gutted at Sleazy’s (club)

17/5 Coco and the Butterfields, Woodwife at ABC

17/5 Aidan Moffat, RM Hubbert at Saint Lukes

17/5 Ink at Garage

17/5 Gaz Coombes at The Garage

17/5 Faithful Stranger, Static Suns, Futurise, Astrophe at Tut’s

17/5 Chad Valley, Hudson Scott at Broadcast

17/5 Demonic Resurrection, Wretched Soul at Sleazy’s

17/5 The Osiris Club at Hug and Pint

17/5 Bonafide at Audio

17/5 Kettle of Kites at Glad Cafe

17/5 Whisky Pigeon at 13th Note

17/5 Grind Your Axe with JD Samson at The Art School (club)

17/5 SHOW with Monki at Sub Club (club)

17/5 Remake Remodel Gizz Night at Stereo (club)

17/5 SPAM present Prom Date at Poetry Club (club)

17/5 Pray 5 Love at Sleazy’s (club)

17/5 OBZRV at Broadcast (club)

18/5 Rend Collective at Academy

18/5 Car Seat Headrest at ABC

18/5 The Common Cold, Still House Plants, Fear of the Horse at ABC

18/5 Kitty, Daisy and Lewis at Art School

18/5 Jill Jackson at Saint Lukes

18/5 The Milk at The Garage

18/5 Nickajack Men at The Garage

18/5 Broken Records at Stereo

18/5 Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers at CCA

18/5 Elephant Sessions, Holy Moly and the Crackers at Tut’s

18/5 Atlas Run, Altinak, Trimm at Broadcast

18/5 Freakender with Fruit Tones, Thee Mightees, The Bellybuttons at Sleazy’s

18/5 Babybird at Hug and Pint

18/5 Necro at Audio

18/5 A. Wesley Chung (album launch) at Glad Cafe

18/5 Il Compless, Middle Finger, Brassknuckle, Half Charge, Razorblade Smile at 13th Note

18/5 GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT, White Ring at Classic Grand

18/5 Southside Fringe: The Gatsby Speakeasy at Rum Shack

18/5 Rachel Lightbody sings the music of Gretchen Parlato at Blue Arrow

18/5 Man of the Minch at Record Factory

18/5 Colours presents Will Sparks at SWG3 (club)

18/5 Applebum at SWG3 (club)

18/5 Occupied at The Art School (club)

18/5 Bigfoot’s Tea Party with Jayda G, LNS at Sub Club (club)

18/5 Auntie Flo at Berkeley Suite (club)

18/5 The Lance Vance Dance at Sleazy’s (club)

18/5 Taijitu with The Mirror Dance at Broadcast (club)

19/5 Britrock Must Be Destroyed with Reef, The Wildhearts, Terrorvision. Dodgy at Academy

19/5 Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel at Royal Concert Hall

19/5 Tokio Myers at Kelvingrove Bandstand

19/5 Samson Sounds at ABC

19/5 Os Mutantes at SWG3

19/5 Josh T. Perason at The Art School

19/5 Ohmms at The Garage

19/5 US Girls at Stereo

19/5 Spear of Destiny at Tut’s

19/5 Reverend Beat-Man, Nicole Izobel Garcia, The Reverse Cowgirls at Broadcast

19/5 Overhaul at Sleazy’s

19/5 ST.MARTiiNS at Hug and Pint

19/5 Savage Mansion Southside All Dayer with Spinning Coin, I. SOLAR, Martha Ffion, DTHPDL, Happy Spendy, CHUMP, U.S. Highball at Glad Cafe

19/5 Jizzy Pearl’s Love Hate at Audio

19/5 Craig White (album launch) at Old Hairdressers

19/5 Coltsblood, Of Spire & Throne at 13th Note

19/5 Southside Fringe: Mojo Workin’ Mod & Soul Party with Spinning Wheel at Rum Shack

19/5 Sugarwork (album launch) at Blue Arrow

19/5 Steven G. Leonard at Record Factory

19/5 90s Rave at SWG3 (club)

19/5 Subculture with Karizma at Sub Club (club)

19/5 Nightrave with Violet, Nightwave at La Cheetah (club)

19/5 Horse Meat Disco at Berkeley Suite (club)

19/5 Dojo 2nd Birthday at Poetry Club (club)

19/5 SINGLES NIGHT at Sleazy’s (club)

19/5 SJSS x Samsin Sounds (EP launch afterparty) at Broadcast (club)

20/5 Curran at ABC

20/5 Phoebe Bridgers at Saint Lukes

20/5 Chali 2na & Krafty Kuts at Stereo

20/5 Rolling Blackouts and Coastal Fever, Boy Azooga at CCA

20/5 Wild Child at Tut’s

20/5 Lo Moon at Broadcast

20/5 Tacado (EP launch), Lo Rays, Artie Zi at Sleazy’s

20/5 Men I trust at Hug and Pint

20/5 Bodega at Poetry Club

20/5 Mary Ocher, Hairband at Old Hairdressers

20/5 Boo Hewerdine, Darden Smith at Glad Cafe

20/5 Crippled Fox, Daniel Wax Off, Wheelchairx4, Droves, Insufferable at 13th Note

20/5 Newborn Sessions presents Connor Fyfe at Classic Grand

21/5 Chris Jericho at ABC

21/5 ALMA, Off Bloom at ABC

21/5 Gus Dapperton at Stereo

21/5 Japanese Breakfast, PAWS at Mono

21/5 City Calm Down, Neonwaves at Tut’s

21/5 Skeggs at Broadcast

21/5 Bully at The Hug and Pint

22/5 DMA’s, PLANET at Barrowlands

22/5 Sparks at Academy

22/5 The Once at Garage

22/5 The Kite String Tangle at Stereo

22/5 Screaming Females at Broadcast

22/5 Father Murphy, Howie Reeve, Unkirk at Sleazy’s

22/5 Cosmo Sheldrake at Hug and Pint

22/5 Freakender presents Levitation Room at Old Hairdressers

22/5 PLANET at Priory

22/5 I AM at Sub Club (club)

23/5 Machine Head at Academy

23/5 Daniel Docherty at ABC

23/5 Harrison Storm at Garage

23/5 Peach Pit at Garage

23/5 Jon Allen at Tut’s

23/5 Nilüfer Yanya, ALASKALASKA at Broadcast

23/5 Cloth at Hug and Pint

23/5 Colour Haze, Bacchus, Dead Otter at Audio

23/5 Kuro, Cynthia’s Periscope, Gravelle, The Eagertongue at 13th Note

23/5 Freak Like Me at Sleazy’s (club)

23/5 Kitchen Cuts at Broadcast (club)

24/5 Robyn Hitchcock at Oran Mor

24/5 Lost Under Heaven at Garage

24/5 Hijacked Records presents Sadie Marie at Mono

24/5 Masego at Tut’s

24/5 Cocaine Piss, Tongue Trap, Freddie Quell at Broadcast

24/5 The Foz, Telegraph Road at Sleazy’s

24/5 Sam Evian at Hug and Pint

24/5 MARDUK, Ragnarok at Audio

24/5 Anda Union at Cottiers

24/5 GoldMold presents Hairband, Megan Airlie, Moonsoup at Old Hairdressers

24/5 Christopher MacArthur-Boyd at Glad Cafe

24/5 Newborn Sessions presents Swiggy at Classic Grand

24/5 Mark Hendry Quartet at Blue Arrow

24/5 Rinse with DJ Bone, The Mendez Brothers at Sub Club (club)

24/5 The Breakfast Club at Sleazy’s (club)

24/5 gum at Broadcast (club)

25/5 Bryan Adams at The Hydro

25/5 Belle & Sebastian at Galvanisers Yard

25/5 Beth Ditto at ABC

25/5 Jake Bugg at Kelvingrove Bandstand

25/5 Craig Armstrong at Old Fruitmarket

25/5 Distant Voices Not Known at This Address (album launch) at Saint Lukes

25/5 FM and Dare at Garage

25/5 The Faim at Stereo

25/5 wojtek the bear, Dante, The Wild Places at Tut’s

25/5 Funk Renegade at Sleazy’s

25/5 Cutty’s Gym at Hug and Pint

25/5 1968, The Rhubarb, Isak, Storm of Embers at 13th Note

25/5 Hippo at Blue Arrow

25/5 Roger Sanchez at Sub Club (club)

25/5 Heterotopia with Ash Is at Stereo (club)

25/5 Date Night at Sleazy’s (club)

25/5 Hyperfunk at Broadcast (club)

25/5 Southside Fringe: Invisible, Inc presents Double Discone at Rum Shack (club)

26/5 Bryan Adams at The Hydro

26/5 Riverside Festival ft. Dax J, Dixon, Len Faki, Marcus Worgull, Nastia, Paula Temple, Robert Hood, Rødhåd, Slam, Sven Väth

26/5 Dogtooth, Human Renegade at ABC

26/5 The Rutles at Oran Mor

26/5 Asian Dub Foundation x La Haine at Saint Lukes

26/5 Honeyvale at Garage

26/4 Stephen Gethin, Haze, Rhinoplast at Stereo

26/5 CHUMP at Mono

26/5 Jeron ‘Blind Boy’ Paxton at CCA

26/5 Mason Hill at Tut’s

26/5 The Underground Youth at Broadcast

26/5 NHC presents The Idol Dead, PowderKeg, Rocketflaire at Sleazy’s

26/5 Awate at Hug and Pint

26/5 David Ford with Lou Hickey and Escobar 6 at Audio

26/5 Music’s Not For Everyone at Berkeley Suite

26/5 Bilge Pump, Herbert Powell, Neighbourhood Gout, Raymond MacDonald & Jer Reid at Glad Cafe

26/5 Southside Fringe: Susan Cadogan, Friendly Fire Band at Rum Shack

26/5 Circle at Platform

26/5 Riverside Festival Afterparty at SWG3 (club)

26/5 Subculture with Perel at Sub Club (club)

26/5 Trip Noise Pt. 2 with Jon & Elena Colombi at La Cheetah (club)

26/5 A Love From Outer Space at Berkeley Suite (club)

26/5 Arcade with Wheelman at Stereo (club)

26/5 Shaka Loves You at Sleazy’s (club)

26/5 The Church of Good Times with Sandboards, Maurice Alexander at Broadcast (club)

27/5 Riverside Festival ft. Adam Beyer, Fatima Yamaha, Four Tet, Green Velvet, Ida, Jackmaster, Joy Orbison, Leftfield, Richie Hawtin, Saoirse, Skream, Slam

27/5 LCD Soundsystem at Galvanisiers Yard

27/5 The Shires at Royal Concert Hall

27/5 Cirque Du Mort at ABC

27/5 Squeeze at Kelvingrove Bandstand

27/5 Mundy at ABC

27/5 Anchor Lane at Garage

27/5 Superchunk at Stereo

27/5 Taiyo Kimura at Stereo

27/5 Wussy at CCA

27/5 Morrissey & Marshall, Neil Brophy, The Novacs, Robbo McFaulds at Tut’s

27/5 Moon King at Broadcast

27/5 Nervous Twitch, Triptych, Yung KP at Sleazy’s

27/5 Portalooth (single launch) at Hug and Pint

27/5 Hiro Kone, Otherworld at Glad Cafe

27/5 Sick N’ Beautiful at Ivory Blacks

27/5 Riverside Festival Afterparty at SWG3 (club)

27/5 LCD Soundsystem Aftterparty at SWG3 (club)

27/5 Gerd Janson at Sub Club (club)

28/5 Ezra Furman at ABC

29/5 Frankie Cosmos at The Art School

29/5 Broken Social Scene at The Garage

29/5 Helena Deland at Tut’s

29/5 Rev Magnetic at Hug and Pint

29/5 Adrena Adrena at Bloc

30/5 Charles Howl at Hug and Pint

30/5 ELEVANT at Bloc

31/5 Tracyanne & Danny at Saint Lukes

31/5 Milestones at Garage

1/6 Ed Sheeran at Hampden Park

1/6 The First Incident Festival with Frightened Rabbit, Hookworms, Dama Scout, Be Charlotte at SWG3

1/6 The Pastels at Mackintosh Queens Cross

1/6 Monster Magnet, Table Scraps at The Garage

1/6 Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Scorpio at Classic Grand

2/6 Courtney Barnett, Loose Tooth at Barrowlands

2/6 Apostille at The Art School

2/6 Ginger Wildheart at Mackintosh Church

2/6 Haux at Stereo

2/6 Parliamo at Broadcast

4/6 Team Picture at Hug and Pint

5/6 Camila Cabello at Academy

5/6 Loma at Mackintosh Church

6/6 Lindi Ortega, Josh Okeefe at Oran Mor

7/6 Blue Rose Code at Cottiers

8/6 Crack Cloud at Hug and Pint

9/6 Beyonce, Jay-Z at Hampden Park

10/6 Haim at Academy

12/6 Palm at The Hug and Pint

13/6 Demi Lovato at Hydro

14/6 Proud Mary at Tut’s

14/6 Dixie Fried at Tut’s

14/6 Moaning at Broadcast

14/6 Night Flowers at Glad Cafe

15/6 Dr Hook at Kelvingrove Bandstand

15/6 pink kink at The Garage

15/6 The Wave Pictures at CCA

16/6 Belly at ABC

16/6 Dr Hook at Kelvingrove Bandstand

17/6 The Skids at Kelvingrove Bandstand

19/6 Hollywood Vampires, The Damned at The Hydro

19/6 Una Healy ar Tut’s

20/6 George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at Kelvingrove Bandstand

20/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival: Alasbaster Deplume at Hug and Pint

21/6 Thomas Wynn & The Believers at Tut’s

21/6 A Wilhelm Scream, DARKO at Sleazy’s

21/6 Girls Names at Old Hairdressers

22/6 Greenfinch at Broadcast

23/6 Lulu at Kelvingrove Bandstand

24/6 Katy Perry at The Hydro

24/6 Pist.On at ABC

24/6 The Heretic Order at ABC

24/6 Kristin Hersh at MacIntosh Church

24/6 WOES ar Garage

25/6 Shamir at Broadcast

24/6 Pushing Daisies at Broadcast

28/6 Iron Maiden, Tremonti at ABC

29/6 TRANSMT with Stereophonics, The Script, James Bay, Kodaline, Jessie J, Picture This, Tom Walker, Pale Waves, Marmozets, Anteros, Sam Fender, The Ninth Wave at Glasgow Green

29/6 Roger Waters at The Hydro

30/6 TRANSMT with Liam Gallagher, Courteeners, Wolf Alice, J HUS, Krept x Konan, Shed Seven, Gerry Cinnamon, The Sherlocks, IAMDDB, Kyle Falconer, The Snuts, Bas at Glasgow Green

30/6 Roger Waters at The Hydro

1/7 TRANSMT with Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, Blossoms, Nothing But Thieves, Declan McKenna, Miles Kane, Tom Grennan, Sigrid, King No-One, Dermot Kennedy, Confidence Man, The Magic Gang, Island at Glasgow Green

1/7 Fiesta x FOLD with Earth, Wind & Fire, The Pointer Sisters, De La Soul, Roy Ayers, Nile Rodgers & CHIC at Kelvingrove Bandstand

2/7 Fiesta x FOLD with Emeli Sande, Goldfrapp, Nile Rodgers & CHIC, Laura Mvula, Morcheeba, Ana Matronic at Kelvingrove Bandstand

4/7 Eels at Academy

4/7 MSRY at Broadcast

5/7 Justin Timberlake at The Hydro

6/7 TRANSMT with Queen + Adam Lambert, Texas, The Darkness, The Temperance Movement at Glasgow Green

6/7 Corrupt the System, Circle of Tyrants, Dominicide at Sleazy’s

7/7 TRANSMT with The Killers, CHVRCHES, Franz Ferdinand, Friendly Fires, Jessie Ware, Lewis Capaldi, Hudson Taylor, Nina Nesbitt, Walking on Cars, Jane Weaver, Gang of Youths, Juanita Stein at Glasgow Green

10/7 Bruno Mars. Dua Lipa, Average White Band, DNCE, DJ Rashida at Glasgow Green

10/7 Protest the Hero, Norma Jean, Loathe, Cyclmn at Garage

11/7 Paul Simon at The Hydro

18/7 Ministry, Chelsea Wolfe at ABC

20/7 Pictish Trail at Mono

24/7 The Gaslight Anthem, The Flatliners, Matthew Ryan at Barrowlands

29/7 Act of Defiance at Cathouse

2/8 John Moreland, John Prine at Kelvingrove Bandstand

6/8 Danzig at Barrowlands

10/8 Jo Mango, Donna Maciocia at Glad Cafe

10/8 Fisbone, Popes Of Chillitown at Audio

14/8 Pianos Become The Teeth, Foxing, Kamikaze Girl at Stereo

17/8 The Rising Souls at Tut’s

17/8 SONS OF BILL at Broadcast

22/8 Summer Sessions with Kings of Leon, The Wombats, The Hunna, Everything Everything, Isaac Gracie at Bellahouston Park

25/8 Summer Sessions with Catfish and the Bottlemen, Twin Atlantic, DMA’s, PEACE, Neon Waltz at Bellahouston Park

25/8 DZ Deathrays at Hug and Pint

29/8 Summer Sessions with Kendrick Lamar, N. E.R.D, Bugzy Malone at Bellahouston Park

30/8 Titus Andronicus at CCA

2/9 Camp Cope at Kinning Park Complex

4/9 Lee Ann Womack, Charlie Worsham at Saint Lukes

6/9 Iceage at Great Eastern

8/9 Clare Bowen at Royal Concert Hall

8/9 CARBS (EP launch), Edwin Organ at Glad Cafe

14/9 Jurassic Park In Concert at Armadillo

21/9 Shania Twain at The Hydro

25/9 Julien Baker, Becca Mancari at Saint Lukes

29/9 Tenement Trail

30/9 Kylie Minogue at The Hydro


10/10 The Story So Far at The Garage

13/10 Editors at Barrowlands

15/10 Dawn Landes at Poetry Club

17/10 Michael Bolton at Armadillo

17/10 Novo Amor at Saint Luke’s

18/10 Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks at SWG3

20/10 Hunter & The Bear at The Garage

21/10 The Posies at The Posies

22/10 Emma Blackery at Garage

24/10 The Feeling at Saint Lukes

24/10 Fickle Friends at Garage

28/10 Teenage Fanclub at ABC

29/10 Teenage Fanclub at ABC

30/10 Teenage Fanclub at ABC

3/11 The Media Whores at Tut’s

17/10 Ash at ABC

3/11 Soul II Soul at Armadillo

9/11 Old Dominion at QMU


12/11 George Ezra at Barrowlands

13/11 George Ezra at Barrowlands

13/11 Kurt Vile at ABC

20/11 Gary Numan and the Skaparis Orchestra at Royal Concert Hall

22/11 Culture Club, Belinda Carlisle, Tom Bailey at Hydro

23/11 Christine and the Queens at Royal Concert Hall

26/11 Sunflower Bean at The Art School

15/12 Deacon Blue at The Hydro

17/12 Madness at Hydro

21/12 Travis at The Hydro

21/1 The Streets at Academy

29/1 Frank Turner at Academy

5/2 VNV NATION at The Garage

We trying to keep our listings of upcoming gigs for Glasgow as comprehensive and up to date as possible, so if there is anything we’re missing please drop us a message to

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