Glasgow Listings

19/2 Julian Cope at Oran Mor

19/2 Julian Cope at Oran Mor (3pm)

19/2 Hopsin at The Garage

19/2 The View at Tut’s

19/2 Redfaces, The Dunts at Broadcast

19/2 Polo, APACHE DARLING at The Hug and Pint

19/2 Winter Springs, Old Bohemia, Gregor Hunter Coleman at The Glad Cafe

19/2 Slaughter & The Dogs at Audio

19/2 Abhorrent Decimation at Ivory Blacks

19/2 Jeff Finlin & Clive  Barnes at Woodend Bowling & Lawn Tennis Club

20/2 S U R V I V E at The Art School

20/2 Touché Amoré, Angel Dust, Departures at Stereo

20/2 The View at Tut’s

20/2 You Know The Drill, Junior, Don’t Look Down, Over The Line at Broadcast

20/2 Christy Scott at The Hug and Pint

20/2 Blochestra at Bloc

21/2 Pet Shop Boys at Clyde Auditorium

21/2 Lost In France at ABC

21/2 The View at Tut’s

21/2 Electric Honey presents The Bar Dogs, Sunshine Social, Calum Frame at The Hug and Pint

21/2 Marry Waterson, David A Jaycock at The Glad Cafe

21/2 Woodwife, Trongate Rum Riots, Calum Ingram at Bloc

21/2 Scott Sorry at Audio

21/2 i AM at Sub Club (club)

21/2 808s Till Late at Sleazy’s (club)

22/2 LYLO, Yous, Tangles at Mono

22/2 LeAnn Rimes at Royal Concert Hall

22/2 The View at Tut’s

22/2 Big Tobz at ABC

22/2 The Sandinistas, The Mirror Trap, Sahara at Sleazy’s

22/2 Electric Honey presents Schnarff Schnarff, Veto., Flakes at The Hug and Pint

22/2 CUT, Rocket Reducer, Shredd at Bloc

22/3 Drugstore Glamour at Sleazy’s (club)

23/2 Struck Dum Promotions presents Watchfires, Ghost Writer, Howling Home at Sleazy’s

23/2 Huntleys + Palmers with Ben UFO, Lena Willikens, Sapphire Slows at The Art School (club)

23/2 Grant-Lee Phillips, Dean Owens at ABC

23/2 The Handsome Family, Courtney Marie Andres at Saint Luke’s

23/2 Hellions, Acres at The Garage

23/2 J Bone with Bugzy Malone at Sub Club

23/2 The View at Tut’s

23/2 Ben Monteith, Casey Lowry at Broadcast

23/2 Ryan Hamilton, Chrissy Barnacle at The Hug and Pint

23/2 Stretched presents Costello & McCreadie Duo at Bloc

23/2 Full Pelt Promotions presents Moon Stranger, Olympus, Dolphinboy, Hollow Room at Classic Grand

23/2 Linda Jaxson at Cottiers

23/2 Wednesday 13, Bourbon Crow at Cathouse

23/2 All Night Passion at La Cheetah (club)

23/2 The Breakfast Club at Sleazy’s (club)

23/2 Moo’ve N Groove with James Aspey at Stereo (club)

23/2 Onra at Broadcast (club)

24/2 Pinegrove, Lomelda at Stereo

24/2 HOME$LICE (EP launch), Shredd, The Ediots at Sleazy’s

24/2 Undo (album launch), Codist, Terrafraid, Kapil Seshasayee at The Hug and Pint

24/2 Campfires in Winter (album launch), American Clay, Book Group at The Old Hairdressers

24/2 Rainbrother, The Albatross at The Glad Cafe

24/2 Sensu with Mall Grab, Route 8 at Sub Club (club)

24/2 Ferocious Dog at Saint Luke’s

24/2 911 at The Garage

24/2 Stevie Parker at The Garage

24/2 The View at Tut’s

24/2 The Luci Baines Band at Broadcast

24/2 Iszoloscope, ESA, Pall Rank at Audio

24/2 Easy (EP launch), Up The Dancin’, Mondegreen at 13th Note

24/2 Apathys Edge at Buff Club

24/2 Basement Jaxx(Dj set) at SWG3 (club)

24/2 Dark0, MM, Hawkchild DIY at The Art School (club)

24/2 Too Nice – Drake Night at Stereo (club)

24/2 Ultimate Belters with DJ Teacherz at Sleazy’s (club)

24/2 Taijitu x Semi Peppered at Broadcast (club)

24/2 Shake Appeal at Bloc (club)

25/2 Teleman at Oran Mor

25/2 Three Blind Wolves at Saint Luke’s

25/2 Cabbage, The Shimmer Band at Stereo

25/2 Man & The Echo, Sugarmen, Pacatmos at Tut’s

25/2 Lo Kindre, Morkelba, Cucina Povera, Phoene at The Glad Cafe

25/2 The Dead Settlers, St Dukes at Broadcast

25/2 The Songwriters Club with Katie Doyle, Billy Mitchell, Carly Connor, brownbear at The Hug and Pint

25/2 Shugfest with 3 Minute Heroes, The Dreggs, The Zips, The Eddies at Audio

25/2 Killing from a Distance, Tantrum at Cathouse

25/2 The Otherness, Twenty Four, land of the Rubber Men, Black Drag at The Admiral

25/2 Jimi Anderson Group, Crossfire at Ivory Blacks

25/2 Teddy Cream at SWG3 (club)

25/2 Subculture with Henrick Schwarz, Telford at Sub Club (club)

25/2 Fomo with Ryan Martin, Leatherette, Sordid Soundsystem at Stereo (club)

25/2 Shaka Loves You presents Joints N Jams at Sleazy’s (club)

25/2 Renegades of Funk at Broadcast (club)

25/2 Melting Pot 16th Birthday Party at The Admiral (club)

25/2 Gonzo at Bloc (club)

26/2 Polaroid People, OOKY, DopeSickFly, SWVN at Tut’s

26/2 Busted, Natives at Academy

26/2 Lady Leshurr, Moka Blast at ABC

26/2 Daniel Campbell (album launch), Erin Ponsonby, Gregor Dow at Broadcast

26/2 Sunny Sense, Jim Orton, Paul Corr at Sleazy’s

26/2 Ghoul at Audio

26/2 Eats Everything at Sub Club (club)

27/2 Kings of Leon, Wild Nothing at The Hydro

27/2 Drive-By Truckers, Eyelids OR at ABC

27/2 Youngr, Song Of Kong at ABC

27/2 Toothless at Stereo

27/2 Julia Jacklin, Keto at Tut’s

27/2 So Below, KOBS, Monkoora at Broadcast

27/2 The Blas Collective at Bloc

28/2 Sum 41, Hollerado at Barrowlands

28/2 Lukas Graham, Hein Cooper at Academy

28/2 Josfin Ohrn, The Liberation at Broadcast

28/2 Tom Brennan, Cuckoolander at Tut’s

28/2 The Rain Experiment, St Providence, Chris Mac at Sleazy’s

28/2 NOVELLA, Joshua Gray, Kaelling at The Hug and Pint

28/2 Cosmonauts at The Old Hairdressers

28/2 Good Grief presents Taupe, Bloke Music at Bloc

28/2 I AM with JD Twitch at Sub Club (club)

28/2 Remastered presents 80s Funk + Disco at Sleazy’s (club)


1/3 Kehlani, Noodles, Ella Mai at ABC

1/3 The Bill Laurance Group at ABC

1/3 Barbara Dickson at The Royal Concert Hall

1/3 The Orwells, Dead Pretties at Stereo

1/3 Trampoline, Declan Welsh & The Decadent West, Neil Morrison at Broadcast

1/3 FCK YES with Rascalton, Ayakara at Tut’s

1/3 CRP presents Nu-Luke, Stevo, Photoshop at Sleazy’s

1/3 The Night with Red Note Ensemble at The Hug and Pint

1/3 Trash Talk, Youth Man at Audio

2/3 Jacob Whitesides at The Garage

2/3 The Browning, It Lies Within, Blessing A Curse, Shattered Horizons at The Garage

2/3 With Confidence at Tut’s

2/3 Bonfire Nights, Black Cat Revue at Broadcast

2/3 With Confidence, Safe To Say, Broadside, Milestones at Tut’s

2/3 Bob Drake, Bloke Music, Herbert Powell, Luminous Monsters at Sleazy’s

2/3 Wille and the Bandits at The Hug and Pint

2/3 Control Social Club presents Autumns, Kaspar Hauser at Broadcast (club)

3/3 Olly Murs at The Hydro

3/3 Stop The Rain, Royal Thieves, Parliami, Just Hope at ABC

3/3 Police Dog Hogan at Saint Luke’s

3/3 Twin Wild at The Garage

3/3 Soccer96 at Broadcast

3/3 Methyl Ethel at Tut’s

3/3 Scruff of the Neck presents Cassia, Brothers, False Friends at Sleazy’s

3/3 Alice Jemima at The Hug and Pint

3/3 Pressue with Slam, Chris Lebing, Pan-Pot, Amelie Lens, Clint Stewart, BEC at SWG3 (club)

3/3 Queeriosity at The Art School (club)

4/3 Olly Murs at The Hydro

4/3 Highly Suspect at Saint Luke’s

4/3 Dub Pistols, The Statler Project at Stereo

4/3 Back In The Garage with External Menace, The Media Whores, Reaction, Reverse Cowgirls, Performance Enhancing Suppositories, The Zips, 4Past Midnight, The Cundeez, DJ Danny Mac at Broadcast (5pm)

4/3 Caezium, Franks Red Hot Wings, Pariah Soul, Dolos at Tut’s

4/3 Ubre Blanca, Mai Mai Mai, Hausfrau at Sleazy’s

4/3 Glasgow Zine Fest with Martin John Henry, L-space at The Hug and Pint

4/3 The Face On the Moon at The Hug and Pint

4/3 Marilyn Carino at The Clutha

4/3 Let’s Go Back to Breaks at Stereo (club)

5/3 Bonafode, Tequila Mockingbyrd, Killer Bee at ABC

5/3 The Pigeon Detectives at Stereo

5/3 The Snuts, Seaside Sons, Up In Smoke at Sleazy’s

5/3 Mia and the Moon, Northern Central, Sapphire Notion, The Gracious Attempt at The Hug and Pint

5/3 Press To MECO, Vasa, Real Ghosts at Audio

6/3 Stornoway at The Old Fruitmarket

6/3 EMME, Milestone Folk Band, Flewthearrow, Mickey Gerry at Broadcast

6/3 Tall Ships, Foxes Follow, Ben Mhor at Tut’s

6/3 Decade, Big Spring, Wallflower at Audio

7/3 Nando Messias at The Art School

7/3 The Mahones at The Garage

7/3 Grails, Majeure at Stereo

7/3 Basement at Tut’s

7/3 Nathan Grisdale, Raffer, Leonie McKee at Broadcast

8/3 Black Star Riders, Backyard Babies at ABC

8/3 The Comet Is Coming at ABC

8/3 The Dan Reed Network at Oran Mor

8/3 HD Music presents Sleeptalking at Sleazy’s

8/3 Evarose at Broadcast

8/3 Empty Lungs at Bloc

9/3 Black Star Riders, Backyard Babies at ABC

9/3 The Modern Institute, Herbert Powell, Sean Armstrong Trio, First Temple of the Atom at Stereo

9/3 Redwood Ridge, Lynnie Carson, Katee Kross at Tut’s

9/3 COG Promotions presents FVNERALS, Sunwolf at Sleazy’s

9/3 The Seshen, Bryony Jarman-Pinto, Fenella at Broadcast

9/3 Frontier Ruckus at The Hug and Pint

9/3 Tribal High presents Rascalton, Bronston at Broadcast (club)

10/3 The Weeknd at The Hydro

10/3 James Arthur at Academy

10/3 Laura Marling at ABC

10/3 March of the Mods with The Sellout, Kinks Experience, The Fallen Leaves, The 45s, In The Crowd at ABC

10/3 Country to Country with Reba McEntire, Darius Rucker, Hunter Hayes at Clyde Auditorum

10/3 Real Friends, Can’t Swim, Microwave at Saint Luke’s

10/3 The Reason (single launch), The Double Standards, Whitehill Grove, The Vistas at Stereo

10/3 Vukovi, Critics at Tut’s

10/3 Life Model, Faiides, Profumo at Broadcast

10/3 Wild Child at Sleazy’s

10/3 The Little Kicks (album launch) at The Hug and Pint

10/3 Vitalic at SWG3 (club)

10/3 Hannah Wants at SWG3 (club)

10/3 Juke Til U Puke with F17, DJ Double Nugget, DJ Military, Sierra Alliance at The Art School (club)

11/3 BANKS, Azekel at ABC

11/3 March of the Mods with Target 5, The Scene, Skababs, The Signatures, The Laynes, The Redstarts, The 6t’s Scene at ABC

11/3 Loreena McKennitt at The Royal Concert Hall

11/3 Hamilton Leithauser at The Art School

11/3 Country to Country with Zac Brown Band, Marty Stuart, Maren Morris, Brothers Osbourne at Clyde Auditorum

11/3 The Stranglers at Academy

11/3 Baby Chaos at Tut’s

11/3 North of the Wall Festival Fundraiser with Cruciamentum, Vacivus at Sleazy’s

11/3 Mark Morriss at Broadcast

11/3 Mark Eitzel at The Admiral

11/3 Love-Eyed Faces, Half Whale at The Record Factory

11/3 Circus 15 World Tour with Yousef, Heidi. Ki Creighton, Jamie Roy, Mia Dora, Vilmos + Raeside at SWG3 (club)

12/3 Shadmehr at The Old Fruitmarket

12/3 Lucy Spraggan at ABC

12/3 Us The Duo at Stereo

12/3 Lee Scratch Perry at Classic Grand

12/3 Country to Country with Brad Paisley, Chris Young, Jennifer Nettles at Clyde Auditorum

13/3 Dodie at ABC

13/3 Foxing at Stereo

13/3 Sweet and Tender Hooligans at Broadcast

14/3 Devin Townsend Project, Leprous at Barrowlands

14/3 State Champs, As It Is, Northbound at ABC

14/3 Cahli 2na & Krafty Kuts, Shaka Loves You at ABC

14/3 Canaan Smith, Ashton Lane at Tut’s

14/3 NHC presents Yorkshire Rats, The Stumblers, Strung Out Nights at Sleazy’s

15/3 Scott Bradlee’s Post Modern Jukebox at The Royal Concert Hall

15/3 Lower Than Atlantis, Young Guns, Hands Like Houses, ROAM at ABC

15/3 Dave Hause, Dead Heavens, Robyn G. Shiels at Tut’s

15/3 Queer Theory at Sleazy’s

15/3 Start To End presents Feist’s The Reminder at The Hug and Pint

16/3 The Wailers at ABC

16/3 Factory Floor at SWG3

16/3 Atlas:Empire, Nothing>Universe, Fuchsia at Tut’s

16/3 Immi (EP launch), Medicine Priests, Patrick Queen at Broadcast

16/3 EMPIRE, Chapter and Verse, Banshee, Cast Under The Lake at Sleazy’s

16/3 Devilskin, Sumo Cyco at Classic Grand

17/3 Stiff Little Fingers at Barrowlands

17/3 Gojira at ABC

17/3 Charlie Worsham at ABC

17/3 Cloud Nothings at Stereo

17/3 Adrian Sherwood, Luminous at Tut’s

17/3 Club Decode presents Rebel Westerns, Made As Mannequins, Delphi at Sleazy’s

17/3 DOJO at The Poetry Club (club)

18/3 Planet Rock Roadstars with Broken Witt Rebels, Bad Touch at ABC

18/3 ELROW at SWG3

18/3 House of Crust presents Omega Tribe, AOA, The Disturbed, Nine Bullets, Mantilla, Frenetix at Stereo (3pm)

18/3 This Feeling with The Blinders at Broadcast

18/3 Crowbar, Warhead at Tut’s

18/3 Jarrod Dickenson, JP Ruggieri, John Rush at The Hug and Pint

18/3 Bomskare, Mickey 9s at The Record Factory

19/3 Monster Truck, The Picturebooks at ABC

19/3 Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes at Saint Luke’s

19/3 ELROW at SWG3

19/3 Dirty Hit Tour with Superfood, King Nun, Pale Waves at Tut’s

19/3 Ten Fe, JW Ridley, Foggy City Orphan at Broadcast

19/3 4 Past Midnight at Broadcast

20/3 Circa Waves at Barrowlands

20/3 The Sherlocks at ABC

20/3 Surfer Blood at Broadcast

20/3 The Early November, Dryjacket, Hello Future at Tut’s

20/3 Where There’s Life, Miami Monroe, High Tides, Finding Argyle at The Hug and Pint

20/3 Ben Haenow at Drygate

20/3 High Tides at The Hug and Pint

21/3 Sonic Boom Six, Ghouls at ABC

21/3 Mike and the Mechanics at The Royal Concert Hall

21/3 SUICIDE SILENCE at The Garage

21/3 Spectres at Sleazy’s

21/3 Frantic, Milktoast, Adult Fun at Sleazy’s

21/3 Southern Halo at The Hug and Pint

22/3 Drake at The Hydro

22/3 Jonny Fritz, Joshua Hedley at ABC

22/3 Marti Pellow at The Royal Concert Hall

22/3 Thunder at Clyde Auditorium

22/3 Ulrich Schnauss, Nat Urazmetova at CCA

22/3 Dawson Reigns, The Rising, Gary Quinn at Broadcast

22/3 Yous, LYLO, Tangles at The Hug and Pint

22/3 We Are The Ocean, Holding Absence at Cathouse

22/3 Elevant at Bloc

23/3 Drake at The Hydro

23/3 HAKEN, We Have The Algorithm, Next To None at ABC

23/3 Rick Astley at The Royal Concert Hall

23/3 Bearcubs at The Garage

23/3 Jacques Greene at CCA

23/3 The Moonlandingz at Stereo23/3 Loud Poets at Broadcast

23/3 Loud Poets at Broadcast

23/3 Remastered at Stereo (club)


24/3 Andre Rieu at The Hydro

24/3 L.A. Guns at ABC

24/3 ARW at Royal Concert Hall

24/3 Russian Circles, Cloakroom at Stereo

24/3 Fauves, Horsebeach, Joshua Gray at Tut’s

24/3 In Stations at Sleazy’s

24/3 Sonic Arctica, Thunderstone, Striker at Classic Grand

24/3 Amber Arcades at The Glad Cafe

24/3 Trance Party VI with Evian Christ, Laurel Halo, MssingNo, Total Freedom, Visionist at The Art School (club)

24/3 iNCEPT. with Sam Pagan:ni, Faizer & Nick McPheat, Lindsay Green, Raymond at SWG3 (club)

24/3 Cirque Du Should presents The Road To El Dorado with One Man, Weaver Bros, Luke Wolfman, Dirty Burb at SWG3 (club)

24/3 Melting Pot with special guest Gilles Peterson, Earl Zinger, Rebecca Vasmant at The Admiral (club)

25/3 IRA at ABC

25/3 John Otway at Stereo

25/3 Nine Below Zero, Light Out By Nine at Tut’s

25/3 Weekend Debt (EP launch), Certificates, Moon Stranger at Broadcast

26/3 Creeper, Energy at The Garage

27/3 Holy Holy performing David Bowie’s The Rise & Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars at Academy

27/3 Slowdive at The Art School

27/3 Lewis Watson at The Garage

27/3 Nathaniel Gow’s Dance Band at Oran Mor

27/3 Tim Kasher at Tut’s

28/3 Savoy Motel at Stereo

28/3 LVL UP, Colour Me Wednesday at The Hug and Pint

28/3 Gregory Alan Isakov, Leif Vollebekk at Tut’s

28/3 Samantha Crain at Broadcast

28/3 Grand Magus at Classic Grand

28/3 All Time Low, SWMRS at Academy

29/3 Bear’s Den at Academy

29/3 10cc at The Royal Concert Hall

29/3 Ghost at ABC

29/3 Tommy Cash at Stereo

29/3 Ardour presents Underground Exploration at Sleazy’s

29/3 Trudy and the Romance at Broadcast

29/3 Slaves at Tut’s


30/3 Ne-Yo at Barrowlands

30/3 Royal Republic at The Garage

30/3 Last Night From Glasgow’s 1st Birthday with BooHooHoo at Stereo

30/3 Francois & The Atlas Mountains at Mono

30/3 The Dead Man’s Waltz vs. Injuns at The Hug and Pint

30/3 Altered Sky, Autumn Ruin, Witterquick at Broadcast

31/3 Caro Emerald at Royal Concert Hall

31/3 The Selecter, The Beat, Ranking Roger at ABC

31/3 Yorkston Thorne Khan at Oran Mor

31/3 Nathan Fake at Stereo

31/3 Louis Berry at Tut’s

31/3 Miracle Glass Company at Broadcast

31/3 Desperate Journalist, Life Model at Sleazy’s

31/3 NHC Music Big Band Payday with Das Plastixx, Woodwife, Steve Grozier Band at The Hug and Pint

31/3 Pressure with Dlam, Len Faki, Jeroen Search, Claude VonStroke, Terry Francis at SWG3 (club)

1/4 The VO5 NMW Tour with Blossoms, Cabbage, Rory Wynne at Academy

1/4 Lord of the Land with Memorian, Primordial at Barrowlands

1/4 Music’s Not For Everyone with Andrew Weatherall at The Art School

1/4 Jens Lekman at Saint Luke’s

1/4 Atilla at The Garage

1/4 wojtek the bear (EP launch), Book Group, Lional at Broadcast

1/4 Bernie Tormé, Peter M Smith at Sleazy’s

1/4 Twist Helix at The Buff Club

1/4 A Love From Outer Space with Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston at The Art School (club)

2/4 Bernie Torme, Peter M. Smith at Sleazy’s

3/4 Blackberry Smoke at Barrowlands

3/4 Big Business at Audio

4/4 Melanie C at ABC

4/4 Frances at Oran Mor

4/4 Ded Rabbit, Posable action Figures at The Hug and Pint

4/4 New Model Army at The Garage

5/4 Pulled Apart By Horses, Tigercub, The MVPs at Tut’s

5/4 Manu Delago at The Hug and Pint

5/4 Okkutokrati at Audio

6/4 The Dead 60’s at ABC

6/4 The Orielles at The Hug and PInt

7/4 The Amazons at Tut’s

8/4 Moon Duo at Stereo

8/4 Blood Youth, Loathe at The Garage

8/4 Scottish Fiction presents Foreignfox & Mt. Doubt (split single launch), Skjør at Sleazy’s

9/4 Charlie Straw at The Hug and Pint

11/4 Cameron Avery at Tut’s

12/4 Bruno Mars at The Hydro

13/4 Bruno Mars at The Hydro

13/4 You Me At Six, Black Foxxes at SECC

13/4 Freeze The Atlantic at Sleazy’s

13/4 William Control, Aesthetic Perfection at Ivory Blacks

14/4 Girli at Stereo

14/4 The Paperhead at The Old Hairdressers

15/4 Part Chimp at Stereo

15/4 PWR BTTM at CCA

15/4 Ben Marwood at The Hug and Pint

16/4 True Widow, Chelsea Wolfe, King Woman at Saint Luke’s

16/4 Bury Tomorrow, Crossfaith, Black Peaks, Any Given Day at The Garage

18/4 Richard Ashcroft at The Hydro

19/4 Great Ytene at Flying Duck

20/4 Eddi Reader at City Halls

22/4 The Menzingers, The Dirty Nil, The Flatliners at Oran Mor

22/4 BC Camplight at Stereo

22/4 Happyness at The Hug and Pint

23/4 Rag ‘N’ Bone Man at ABC

24/4 Splashh at The Hug and Pint

27/4 Future Islands at Barrowlands

28/4 TYCI presents Los Campesinos! at Stereo

28/4 Clean Cut Kid at Tut’s

28/4 I. SOLAR, Fenella at The Hug and Pint

28/4 4 Past Midnight at Audio

29/4 Joseph Parsons Duo, Doghouse Roses, Joseph at The Glad Cafe

30/4 Japandroids at The Garage

1/5 Michael Kiwanuka at ABC

2/5 Walter Trout at ABC

3/5 Walter Trout at ABC

3/5 Otoboke Beaver ar CCA

4/5 DJ Format & Abdominal at Stereo

6/5 The Skids, The Filthy Tongues at ABC

6/5 Jamie Lenman at Tut’s

6/5 Sam Brookes at The Hug and Pint

7/5 Tamikrest at CCA

8/5 The One Hundred, , Massmatiks at The Garage

8/5 The Physics House Band at The Hug and Pint

9/5 Maximo Park at ABC

9/5 While She Sleeps at The Garage

10/5 Napalm Neath, Brujeria, Power Trip at Classic Grand

11/5 Take That at The Hydro

11/5 The Cribs at ABC

11/5 Theme Park at The Hug and Pint

12/5 Take That at The Hydro

12/5 Katatonia, Ghost Bath at The Garage

12/5 Dan Croll at Stereo

12/5 The Dykeenies at Tuts

13/5 The Dykeenies at Tuts

14/5 The Dykeenies at Tuts

16/5 Metronomy at ABC

18/5 Whiskey Myers at ABC

20/5 Homeshake at Broadcast

21/5 Jenn Grant at The Hug and Pint

22/5 The Menzingers, The Flatliners at Oran Mor

22/5 Priests at The Hug and Pint

24/5 The Besnard Lakes at The Hug and Pint

25/5 The Night Café at Stereo

25/5 Aldous Harding at Broadcast

28/5 Julie Byrne at CCA

29/5 Elephant Stone at Mono

1/6 Jack Savoretti at Kelvingrove Bandstand

1/6 Cherry Glazerr at Broadcast

2/6 The Divine Comedy at Kelvingrove Bandstand

5/6 Froth at The Hug and Pint

8/6 WHY? at CCA

9/6 Kraftwerk at The Royal Concert Hall

10/6 Asphyx at Audio

20/6 Mark Lanegan, Duke Garwood at The Garage

24/6 Stone Roses at Hampden Park

25/6 Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow at The Hydro

27/6 Spoon at The Art School

28/6 Jeff Lynne’s ELO at The Hydro

7/7 TRSMT with Radiohead, Belle & Sebastian, London Grammar, Rag’n’Bone Man at Glasgow Green

8/7 TRSMT with Kasabian, Catfish and the Bottlemen, George Ezra, The Kooks, Circa Waves at Glasgow Green

7/7 TRSMT with Biffy Clyro, The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club, Twin Atlantic, Blossoms at Glasgow Green

11/7 Blink-182 at The Hydro

16/9 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at CCA

27/9 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at The Hydro

27/9 Bros at The Hydro

16/10 Dr Hook at Kelvingrove Bandstand

16/10 W.A.S.P. at ABC

26/10 Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit  at ABC

3/11 Squeeze at Royal Concert Hall

11/11 Little Mix at The Hydro

20/11 James Blunt at Clyde Auditorium

13/12 Pete Tong presents Ibiza Classics with The Hertitage Orchestra at The Hydro

16/12 Mogwai at The Hydro

We trying to keep our listings of upcoming gigs for Glasgow as comprehensive and up to date as possible, so if there is anything we’re missing please drop us a message to

Rave Child – Glasgow music, enjoy!

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