Glasgow Listings

23/6 Olympus, The Motion Poets, HunkyBug, Death By Ambition at Stereo

23/6 Show Me The Body, Birdhead, Brain Fluid at Broadcast

23/6 The Winachi Tribe, SilverFinger Singh, The Shows at Sleazy’s

23/6 Denis Sulta, Big Miz at Sub Club (club)

23/6 The Maccabees, Matt Maltese at Academy

23/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Tony Allen at Old Fruitmarket

23/6 Big Vern ’N’ The Shootahs at Oran Mor

23/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Nerija, Bitches Brew at Saint Luke’s

23/6 Hit The Road Tour with The Patryns, SWAY, MOSCOW at The Garage

23/6 Sam Baker at St Andrew’s in the Square

23/6 Sonic Bothy Ensemble at CCA

23/6 Greg Griffin and the Midnight Clergy, Black Cat Bone at Tut’s

23/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Janek Gwizdala at The Hug and Pint

23/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Geno Washington, The Ram Jam Band at BAaD

23/6 Iron Barz with MacKenzie vs Bobby Rex, Scott Earley vs J Dillon, Wee D vs Acre, Chad The Lad vs Kamihamiha, Zee Vs MC Lean, Mistah Bohze, Delivery Room at Poetry Club

23/6 Bombskare at The Record Factory

23/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with  Sutra, Zoltan Lantos Scottish Hungarian Quartet at City of Music Studio

23/6 Annie Keating at Kelvindale Bowling & Lawn Tennis

23/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Dan Sicari & the Easy Rollers at Swing

23/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Bridge Music at Swing

23/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Tom Syson Sextet at Dukes

23/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Mafalda at Joytown

23/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival Late Night Jam Sessions at Brunswick Hotel

23/6 The Vibe at Buff Club

23/6 Danse Macabre at Stereo (club)

24/6 HOME$LICE at Mono

24/6 The Stone Roses, Primal Scream, Steve Mason at Hampden Park

24/6 UGFC 5th Birthday Gig with Capone and the Bullets, King Wine, Twin Mirrors at ABC

24/6 Ginger Baker at The Old Fruitmarket

24/6 Panic Room at Oran Mor

24/6 ZU, Jessica Moss at Stereo

24/6 The Nickajack Men, Noah, Miracle Glass Company at Tut’s

24/6 Tiny Vinyl, The Claramassa, Colette Frances, Lizzie Reid at Broadcast

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Vels Trio, Madlib’s Shades of Blue at The Hug and Pint

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Scottish National Jazz Orchestra at RSNO Auditorium

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with  The Bevy Sisters at Drygate

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with BBC Radio 3 Jazz Line-Up Stage at Drygate

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with  Raymond MacDonald at The Glad Cafe

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Kaja Draksler at Recital Rooms

24/6 The Sinking Feeling at Old Hairdressers

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with  Greg Cohen & Declan Forde Duo at City of Music Studio

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with The Roamin’ Jasmine at Swing

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Marianne McGregor at Swing

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Delta Autumn at Dukes

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Jazzanova at Joytown

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Jazz Choir Glasgow at City of Music Studio

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Big Band Festival at GRCH Exhibition Hall

24/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival Late Night Jam Sessions at Brunswick Hotel

24/6 Subculture at Sub Club (club)

24/6 Optimo presents Bucky Skank at The Art School (club)

24/6 Scared To Dance at Stereo (club)

24/6 Melting Pot with Joh Morales at The Admiral (club)

24/6 GONZO at Bloc (club)

25/6 Emperor X, Christian Holden at 13th Note

25/6 Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow at The Hydro

25/6 Old Crow Medicine at ABC

25/6 Pauper Kings at ABC

25/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Theo Croker, Escape Velocity at Saint Luke’s

25/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with North Mississippi Allstars at Oran Mor

25/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, Phil Minton at Recital Room

25/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Nikki Iles, Norma Winstone, Mark Lockhart Trio at Recital Room

25/6 Natalie Clark, Mick Hargan, Sean Kennedy at Broadcast

25/6 MacMuse, The Usual at Sleazy’s

25/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Stuart McCallum at The Hug and Pint

25/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Calum Gourlay at The Hug and Pint

25/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Bitches Brew at The Glad Cafe

25/6 The Strathclyde University Band with Unoma Okudo at Drygate

25/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with  Warren McIntyre and Friends, The Berrie Big Band at Cottiers

25/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Ryan Quigley, Strings at Strathclyde Suite

25/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Ali Affleck and That Bedlam Swing at City of Music Studio

25/6 Steven G. Leonard at Ivory Blacks

25/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival with Glasgow Jazz Experience at Joytown

25/6 Glasgow Jazz Festival Late Night Jam Sessions at Brunswick Hotel

26/6 Morgan Evans at Oran Mor

26/6 Dylan Jakobsen, Evangeline, A Feckless Boy at Broadcast

26/6 Start to End does Jegg Buckley’s Grace, Heir of the Cursed at The Hug and Pint

26/6 The Blas Collective at Bloc

27/6 The Wombats, The Night Café at Academy

27/6 Kiefer Sutherland at ABC

27/6 Spoon, Adam Buxton at The Art School

27/6 Joseph at Saint Lukes

27/6 Bash & Pop at Tut’s

27/6 Roundeye, The Rocking Horse Club, The Performance Enhancing Suppositories at Sleazy’s

27/6 Erin Rae and the Meanwhiles at The Hug and Pint

27/6 Dammit presents Billy Liar, Empty Lungs at Bloc

27/6 I AM at Sub Club (club)

28/6 Jeff Lynne’s ELO, Tom Chaplin at The Hydro

28/6 Beverly Knight at ABC

28/6 Madball at The Garage

28/6 American Young, Lynnie Carson at Tut’s

28/6 Terry at Broadcast

28/6 Over Being Under, Girlfriend, Flakes, Joyce Delaney at Sleazy’s

28/6 Angus Munro, Kitty, Heir of the Cursed at The Hug and Pint

28/6 Youth Disorder, Everyday Pharaohs, Junior Brogan at Bloc

29/6 Adam Stafford (album launch), Sonny Carantyne, Paul Cowan at Stereo

29/6 Blue Oyster Cult at ABC

29/6 Glass Mountains at Tut’s

29/6 Serenity Came Calling, Sworn To Secrecy, Horizons, Bearers of the Divide, Eve The Betrayer at Broadcast

29/6 The Warlocks, Hairband at Sleazy’s

29/6 75 Dollar Bill, Constant Follower, Duncan Marquiss at The Hug and Pint

29/6 Drum-Tronics at Old Hairdressers

29/6 Stretched at Bloc

30/6 Tom Clarke at ABC

30/6 Sugarhill Gang, Grandmaster Melle Mel, Scorpio at Saint Lukes

30/6 ST.MARTiiNS, Skjor, Le Thug at Tut’s

30/6 Legendary Shack Shakers at Broadcast

30/6 Fat Goth, Scalp, Real Ghosts at The Hug and Pint

30/6 Sensu Boat Party Part 1 with Mano, Le Tough, The Drifter

30/6 Siobhan Wilson at The Glad Cafe

30/6 The Blimp at McChuills

30/6 Break The Butterfly at Record Factory

30/6 Hotboyz presents Horsepower Productions at The Art School (club)

30/6 Unidentified Glasgow with Mark Broom, Quail at The Art School (club)

30/6 Vini Vici, Ben Gold at SWG3 (club)

30/6 Remake Remodel at Stereo (club)

30/6 Shake Appeal at Bloc (club)

1/7 Tony Bennett at Royal Concert Hall

1/7 The Statler Project at Stereo

1/7 Red Light District, The Good Arms at Tut’s

1/7 CSC presents Heavy Rapids, Real Life Entertainment, Dax Plastixx at Broadcast

1/7 Alpha Male Tea Party, Adult Fun, Canal Capitale, Frantic at Sleazy’s

1/7 JP Ruggieri, John Rush at The Hug and Pint

1/7 Vin Gordon, Capone and the Bullets, Esperanza, B2Kwhatts, Shut It N’ Skank, Hectorrr & The Section at Drygate

1/7 Deathcats, Secret Motorbikes, Sick of Talk, Joyce Delaney at Old Hairdressers

1/7 Fleetmac Wood presents Rumours Rave at The Art School (club)

1/7 Steven Warwick, Ribeka, Dick50, DJ Burrnesha at The Art School (club)

1/7 Subculture XXX with Ame at Sub Club (club)

2/7 Stereo Grand, Novacs, Toy Tin Soldier at Stereo

2/7 Pictish Trail BAaD

2/7 CSC presents Avalanche Party, Bluebirds, The Pale Kids, FAT BLACK CATS at Broadcast

2/7 Steve Hofstetter at Sleazy’s

2/7 Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors at Audio

3/7 Yorkston/Thorne/Khan at The Hug and Pint

4/7 Green Day, Rancid at Bellahouston Park

4/7 Gladys Knight at Royal Concert Hall

4/7 The Living End, Dead By Monday at Tut’s

5/7 The Vamps at Academy

5/7 Jesse Malin, Matthew Ryan at Tut’s

5/7 Rising Appalachia at The Hug and Pint

5/7 Tom Hang, Manse, PHOENE at The Glad Cafe

6/7 Jack Stachursky at ABC

6/7 Matthew Logan Vasquez at Stereo

6/7 St. Dukes at Stereo

6/7 Football Etc, Dags!, UNDO at Broadcast

6/7 The Rubber Wellies at The Hug and Pint

7/7 TRNSMT with Radiohead, Belle & Sebastian, London Grammar, Rag’n’Bone Man, Everything Everything, JP Cooper, Honne, LouisBerry, Saint Motel, Be Charlotte, Wuh Oh, The Vegan Leather at Glasgow Green

7/7 The Smith Street Band, The Bennies, Shit Present at Stereo

7/7 Urvanovic, Mig, Yous at Sleazy’s

7/7 POLIS (album launch), Vixxxionary, Now Wakes The Sea at The Hug and Pint

7/7 Passion Pusher, Jealous Girlfriend, Shamgate, Odd Law at Old Hairdressers

7/7 Raging Twilight at The Glad Cafe

7/7 The Dirty Beggars at Joytown

7/7 Numbers with Mike Servito, Spencer at Sub Club (club)

7/7 TRNSMT After-Party with Everything Everything (DJ Set), The Ninth Wave at ABC (club)

8/7 TRNSMT with Kasabian, Catfish and the Bottlemen, George Ezra, The Kooks, Stormzy, Circa Waves, Cabbage, The LaFontaines, Sundara Karma, Clean Cut Kid, Fickle Friends, Gerry Cinnamon, The Vryll Society, The Van Ts, Vistas at Glasgow Green

8/7 2325, Violet at Broadcast

8/7 Scruff of the Neck and Fortune Promotions presents Larkins at Sleazy’s

8/7 EK Decay at Audio

8/7 Nieves at The Glad Cafe

8/7 Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach at Mackintosh Church

8/7 DJ Lag, Sofay at The Art School (club)

8/7 TRNSMT After-Party with Circa Waves (DJ Set), Catholic Action at ABC (club)

8/7 TRNSMT After-Party with Cabbage at Tut’s (midnight)

9/7 TRNSMT with Biffy Clyro, The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club, Twin Atlantic, Blossoms, The View, The Strypes, Tom Grennan, The Amazons, Declan McKenna, Lewis Capaldi, Vukovi, JR Green at Glasgow Green

9/7 Spiral Oh presents Passion Pusher, The Ediots, Lumer at Broadcast

9/7 Kurt Travis, Andres at The Hug and Pint

9/7 TRNSMT After-Party with Twin Atlantic (DJ Set) at ABC (club)

10/7 Joyce Manor, Martha at Stereo

11/7 Blink-182 at The Hydro

11/7 Nas at Academy

11/7 The Gories, The Kidney Flowers, The Jackhammers at ABC

11/7 Hermitage Green at Tut’s

11/7 Bear, Death Remains at Sleazy’s

11/7 Halflives at Bloc

12/7 Lemuria at 13th Note

13/7 Holding Absence at The Garage

13/7 The Motion Poets, Academy Strangers, Flakes, IDKID at Stereo

13/7 Summer Nights with November Lights, Patersani, Freelance Liars, Immi, DJ: Everything Brighter at Tut’s

13/7 JT Forrest, Gazing, Craig Meighan at Broadcast

13/7 Altered Sky at Audio

14/7 Saor, Air, First Temple of the Atom at Stereo

14/7 Summer Nights with Declan Welsh & The Decadent West, Five Cousins, Sahara, Lost In Vancouver, DJ: The Van T’s, Aftershow: STRAY CATS [DJs] at Tut’s

14/7 Bloodlines at Sleazy’s

15/7 Mr Fingers aka Larry Heard at Barrowlands

15/7 Atlas Run (EP launch), Vagabonds, Layaway, Max Murphy at Stereo

15/7 Summer Nights with Vida, Voodoos, The Rahs, Pleasure Heads, DJ: Loaded DJs // Aftershow: Loaded [DJs] at Tut’s

16/7 SUNN O))) at SWG3

16/7 Summer Nights with Verse Metrics, Bear Arms, Atlas : Empire, Foxes Follow, DJ: Moshville Times at Tut’s

16/7 Full of Hell, Unyielding Love, Famine at Audio

17/7 Marc Halls, We Are All Fossils, Austin Miller, The Gracious Attempt at The Hug and Pint

17/7 The Dickies at Audio

18/7 Summer Nights with False Friends, Adam Ross Greene, Chris Greig, Oceancode, DJ: Club Decode at Tut’s

18/7 Stones n Roses at Sleazy’s

18/7 Danny Gruff at The Hug and Pint

18/7 Prong at Audio

19/7 Summer Nights with Quick, Couriers Club, Awkward Family Portraits, Fairfollies, DJ: Holy Smokes Records at Tut’s

19/7 Xarah Dion, Roxy Agogo, Soft Riot at The Hug and Pint

19/7 Nightwave at La Cheetah (club)

20/7 Passenger, Chris Simmons at Academy

20/7 INTER with Ella Orleans, Cucina Povera, Mark Vernon, Klaysstarr at Stereo

20/7 Summer Nights with FOREIGNFOX, Drowned Out, ThisFamiliarSmile, CRYSTAL, DJ: Rave Child at Tut’s

20/7 Alex Wayt at The Hug and Pint

21/7 Folk Devils, Inca Babies at ABC

21/7 Summer Nights with Ava Love, Other Humans, Victoria’s Flight, Walt Disco, DJ: EmuBands, Aftershow: Indigo Velvet [DJ Set] at Tut’s

21/7 Colt 45, Swallows, Northern Nightlights at Broadcast

21/7 The Kidney Flowers (EP launch), Rocket Reducer, Thee Rag n Bone Man, Tinned Goods at Sleazy’s

21/7 BonBonFire at The Hug and Pint

21/7 Martha Ffion at The Glad Cafe

21/7 Big Foot’s Tea Party with Peter Van Hoesen at Sub Club (club)

22/7 SHEER MAG, Anxiety at Mono

22/7 Summer Nights with The Ranzas, IBG, The Snuts, Ayakara, DJ: The Candid Mixtape, Aftershow: Soldier On [DJ Set] at Tut’s

22/7 Foggy City Orphan, Bad Mannequins at Broadcast

22/7 Scottish Beat-Box Battle hosted by Big Tajj, Spee Six Nine at Sleazy’s

22/7 Tribal Pulse presents Johnny Kaos at Stereo (club)

23/7 Summer Nights with Lunir, Emme, Merigot Boost Sound, Oxtered To The Bothy. DJ: Podcart at Tut’s

23/7 Aenocorps, the McFits at Audio

23/7 Ladies of Soul withUnoma Okudo, Flembot, Sharlene-Monique at Drygate

25/7 Jenna & Gary, Sanjo, J.E.N at Sleazy’s

26/7 ZZ Top at Academy

26/7 Toots and the Maytals at ABC

26/7 Summer Nights with American Clay, Life Model, Savage Mansion, Black Borrachero, DJ: Instinctive Racoon at Tut’s

26/7 Hannah Aldridge The Argyll Hotel

27/7 Summer Nights with Lost In Stereo, Miami Monroe, Crashes, Finding Argyle, DJ: Lost Management at Tut’s

27/7 Open Minded Skeptics at Audio

28/7 Social Bite presents Tunes for Change at Stereo

28/7 Summer Nights with Model Aeroplanes, Vistas, Fauves, DJ: The LaFontaines, Aftershow: We Should Hang Out More [DJ Set] at Tut’s

28/7 Elephant Gerald, Lonely Souls at Sleazy’s

28/7 Sacred Reich at Cathouse

28/7 Sensu Boat Party Part 2 with &ME, Rampa

29/7 Summer Nights with Rascalton, Shredd, Sway, Future Glue, DJ: Public Records, Aftershow: Tenement TV w/ Special Secret Guest Band at Tut’s

29/7 Soldier On, Logan’s Close at Broadcast

29/7 25 Years of Sleaze and Round Dog Records presents Murderburgers at Sleazy’s

30/7 Milk Teeth at Tut’s

30/7 The Skys at Sleazy’s

30/7 Radiophonic Tuckshop at The Hug and Pint

31/7 Summer Nights with Texas at Kelvingrove Bandstand

31/7 Skating Polly, Hands Off Gretel at Broadcast

1/8 Lionize, Dog Moon Howl, The Last Gasp, Mantis Toboggan at ABC

1/8 Summer Nights with Texas at Kelvingrove Bandstand

1/8 Kara-Lis Coverdale at CCA

1/8 Yes Lad at Tut’s

1/8 Pikacyu – Makoto at Sleazy’s

1/8 DEAD! at Old Hairdressers

1/8 Ed Asker, Orion’s Belt at The Glad Cafe

2/8 Summer Nights with Texas at Kelvingrove Bandstand

2/8 Sarah Davachi at The Glad Cafe

3/8 Summer Nights with Brian Wilson at Kelvingrove Bandstand

4/8 Summer Nights with KT Tunstall at Kelvingrove Bandstand

4/8 Junior, The Young Hearts at The Hug and Pint

4/8 Animal Farm with Marcel Dettmann at Sub Club (club)

5/8 Celine Dion, Veronic Dicaire at The Hydro

5/8 Summer Nights with Tom Jones at Kelvingrove Bandstand

5/8 Dead Man Fall at Saint Luke’s

5/8 Mason Hill at The Garage

5/8 The Hazy Shades (single launch) at Stereo

5/8 Tom McRae at Tut’s

6/8 Optimo 20 with ADULT, Apeiron Crew, Aurora Halal, Avalon Emerson, Becky Marshall, Black Madonna, Ben UFO, Carla Dal Forno, Equirnonn, Errorsmith, Happy Meals, KING AYISOBA, K-X-P, Midland, MISS RED + The Bug, Nurse With Would, Sal P, Sofay at SWG3 (2pm)

6/8 Summer Nights with Lady Smith Black Mambazo at Kelvingrove Bandstand

6/8 Saint Luke’s All Dayer with Sinderins, Rascalton, Lucia, Emma Woods, Miracle Glass Company, Campfires In Winter, Nieves, Moonlight Zoo, The Great Albatross, Harry & The Hendersons, David Duffy & The Makeshifts

6/8 Creek Crosby and The Crewcuts at Blackfriars

7/8 Summer Nights with Pixies at Kelvingrove Bandstand

7/8 Aversions Crown at Audio

8/8 Summer Nights with Pixies at Kelvingrove Bandstand

8/8 MDC at Audio

9/8 Summer Nights with Seasick Steve at Kelvingrove Bandstand

9/8 Death Angel, Warbringer at Audio

10/8 Summer Nights with Nick Lowe, Paul Carrack, Andy Fairweather Low at Kelvingrove Bandstand

10/8 Louise Distras at Broadcast

11/8 Summer Nights with The Shires at Kelvingrove Bandstand

11/8 Layaway at Tut’s

11/8 Dead Hope, Curdle at Sleazy’s

11/8 Mountain High: Summer Disco at The Hug and Pint

11/8 Vegan Connections with Ghost Girls Society, TeenCanteen, Pinact, Codist at Flying Duck

12/8 Star Shaped Festival featuring The Bluetones, Sleeper, Space, Dodgy, My Life Story, Salad at ABC

12/8 Summer Nights with Hipsway at Kelvingrove Bandstand

12/8 Ex-Cathedra, The Disturbed, Bratakus at Tut’s

12/8 Vegan Connections with The Great Albatross, The Duke of Norfolk, Hamish Hawk, Fenella, James Michael Rodgers at Mono (2pm-8pm)

12/8 Vegan Connections with Crywank, Onsind, Spinning Coin, Joyce Delaney, Herbert Powell at Stereo (5pm-10pm)

12/8 Vegan Connections with Campfires In Winter, Breakfast Muff, Life Model, American Clay, Undo, Terrafraid at Old Hairdressers (6pm-11pm)

12/8 Scruff of the Neck Records presents Clench, False Friends, Craig White at Sleazy’s

12/8 Vegan Connections with Monster Hospital at Bloc (club)

13/8 Summer Nights with Arab Strap at Kelvingrove Bandstand

15/8 The Flaming Lips at Barrowlands

16/8 Neil Hilborn at Oran Mor

17/8 Too Many Zooz at Oran Mor

17/8 Flying By Mirrors, Indigo Sixteen at Tut’s

17/8 The Space Girls, Mondegreen, Stonethrower at Sleazy’s

17/8 Adam Torres at The Hug and Pint

17/8 Jesus Piece, Revulsion at Audio

17/8 Blazin’ Fiddles at Mackintosh Church

18/8 Cud at ABC

18/8 Buck & Evans at The Hug and Pint

19/8 Fundraiser for Alzheimer Scotland featuring Jack Law, The Spyres, Steve Grozier, Jenny Biddle, Quick at Stereo

19/8 The Performance Enhancing Suppositories, Dischord, Kringer and the Battle Katz at Sleazy’s

19/8 Michael Timmons at The Hug and Pint

19/8 Sensational Alex Harvey Experience, Fire Exit at Audio

21/8 Miranda Lambert, Ward Thomas at Clyde Auditorium

21/8 Tricot at Broadcast

22/8 Conor Obest, Big Thief at ABC

22/8 Tigers Jaw, Culture Abuse at Stereo

22/8 Listener at Broadcast

23/8 Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place UK at Stereo

24/8 Summers Sessions with Eminem, Run The Jewels, Danny Brown, Russ at Bellahouston Park

24/8 Hollow Illusion, Magic Trik at Sleazy’s

25/8 Miranda Lee Richards, GospelbeacH at Mono

25/8 Gerry Jablonski & the Electric Band at Sleazy’s

26/8 The Wakes at Saint Lukes

26/8 We Came From Wolves, The Northern, Three Headed Monkey, One Big Fuse at Sleazy’s

26/8 Scharff Schnarff at The Hug and Pint

26/8 Thronefest with Martyr Defiled at Audio

26/8 Carla J Easton at Old Hairdressers

27/8 Alvvays at Saint Lukes

28/8 Maddie & Tae, Frankie Davies at ABC

28/8 Breaking Benjamin at ABC

28/8 Parquet Courts at The Art School

28/8 Ryley Walker at Stereo

29/8 Suffocation at Audio

30/8 The xx at SWG3

30/8 Mdou Moctar at Mono

30/8 Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires at The Hug and Pint

31/8 Courtney Marie Andrews at Saint Lukes

31/8 The Districts at Tut’s

31/8 All Our Exes Live In Texas at The Hug and Pint

1/9 The Psychedelic Furs at Academy

1/9 Lisa McHugh at Royal Concert Hall

1/9 Dave Arcari, Lucy Zirins at Broadcast

2/9 The Wynntown Marshals at The Hug and Pint

4/9 Sinkane at Stereo

4/9 Scott Hirsch, Michael Chapman at Broadcast

5/9 Tana Mongeau at ABC

6/9 KMFDM, Lord of the Lost at Saint Lukes

6/9 Nite Jewel at Stereo

6/9 EMA at Broadcast

7/9 Aaron Lee Tasjan, Sunny Ozell at Tut’s

8/9 John Legend, Jack Savoretti at The Hydro

8/9 Chastity Belt at Broadcast

8/9 Living Body at The Hug and Pint

9/9 Girlpool at Stereo

9/9 Margaret Glaspy, Leif Vollebekk at CCA

9/9 None One Knows presents Real Mckenzies at Sleazy’s

10/9 Banfi at Broadcast

10/9 Faux Pas at Sleazy’s

11/9 Nooran Sisters at City Halls

12/9 Jess and the Bandits at Tut’s

12/9 B Boys at The Hug and Pint

13/9 Jaret Reddick at ABC

13/9 Thea Gilmore at Saint Lukes

13/9 Dylan LeBlanc at CCA

13/9 Tom Williams at Broadcast

13/9 Ruts DC at Audio

14/9 Ne-Yo, Sonna Rele at Barrowlands

14/9 Little Barrie at The Garage

15/9 Lowkey at ABC

15/9 Lewis Capaldi at Saint Lukes

15/9 Megalomatic at Stereo

15/9 Ascalon, Enter Obscurity, Vuil, Midnight Force at Sleazy’s

16/9 BABY STRANGE at The Garage

16/9 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at CCA

16/9 Spiral Stairs at Broadcast

16/9 Summerhill at The Hug and Pint

17/9 Charly Bliss at The Hug and Pint

17/9 Jack Cooper at Old Hairdressers

18/9 John Murry at Broadcast

19/9 The Sherlocks, The Snuts, The Ranzas at ABC

19/9 Micah P Hinson & the Holy Strangers at Broadcast

19/9 Trailer Trash Tracys at The Hug and Pint

20/9 Life of Agony at the Garage

20/9 Barnes Courtney at The Hug and Pint

21/9 Mayday Parade, With Confidence, All Get Out at ABC

21/9 Henrik Freischlader at ABC

21/9 Blue Rose Code at Saint Lukes

21/9 L.A. Witch at Mono

21/9 OMNI at The Hug and Pint

22/9 Nervo at Academy

22/9 Skipinnish at Barrowlands

22/9 Vulfpeck at ABC

22/9 Suzanne Vega at Royal Concert Hall

22/9 Stevie Nimmo Trio at Oran Mor

22/9 Here Lies The Man at The Hug and Pint

23/9 Charlie & the Bhoys at Barrowlands

23/9 The Jesus and Mary Chain at ABC

23/9 The Southmartins, District 55, Cherry Has, Cherry Heart at ABC

23/9 Michael Nau at The Hug and Pint

24/9 Young Guns, Holding Absence, Beyond Recall at The Garage

24/9 James Yuill at The Hug and Pint

25/9 Sigur Rós at Clyde Auditorium

25/9 The Black Angels at SWG3

26/9 BUSH at ABC

26/9 Kawehi at ABC

26/9 Welcome To Night Vale at Tramway

26/9 Lazy Day at The Hug and Pint

27/9 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at The Hydro

27/9 Machine Gun Kelly at Academy

27/9 New Found Glory at ABC

27/9 Little Big Town at Royal Concert Hall

28/9 Loyle Carner at ABC

28/9 Third Eye Blind at Oran Mor

28/9 Subhumanz at Audio

29/9 Colours Classical performed by Scottish Festival Orchestra at The Hydro

29/9 The Sea Atlas at The Glad Cafe

30/9 I Love The 90’s Tour featuring Vanilla Ice, Salt N Pepa with Spinderella, Colour Me Band, Coolio, Tone Loc, Young MC at The Hydro

30/9 Tenement Trail with The Temperance Movement, Anteros, The Big Moon, Catholic Action, Dead Pretties, Emme Woods, Fauves, Life, Lucia, Rascalton, Stevie Parker, Sway, MY BABY, Yungblood

30/9 Wolfgang Flür at Stereo

1/10 Sundara Karma at ABC

1/10 The Pretenders at Royal Concert Hall

1/10 Judie Tzuke at Oran Mor

1/10 SWMRS at Stereo

1/10 InHeaven, Otherkin at Tut’s

1/10 Energy, Miss Vincent at Audio

2/10 Lorde, Khalid at Academy

2/10 Little Big Town at Royal Concert Hall

2/10 Allman Brown at Stereo

2/10 State of the Union at CCA

2/10 Cold Specks at Tut’s

3/10 Neil Diamond at The Hydro

3/10 DJ Shadow at ABC

3/10 Susanne Sundfor at CCA

3/10 All Them Witches, The Ghost Wolves at Tut’s

4/10 Kip Moore, Drake White and the Big Fire at ABC

4/10 Andy McKee at Oran Mor

4/10 Denai Moore at Stereo

4/10 Dragonforce at The Garage

4/10 Isaac Gracie at Tut’s

5/10 Mabel at ABC

5/10 The Drums at The Art School

5/10 Adam Holmes and the Embers, Rachel Sermanni at Saint Lukes

5/10 Thy Art Is Murder, Catch After The Burial, Oceano at The Garage

5/10 Words That Burn, Centrilia, Titan Breed at Sleazy’s

5/10 Peaness at The Hug and Pint

5/10 Archgoat, Bolzet, Svartidaudi at Audio

6/10 Tori Amos at Academy

6/10 This Feeling with The Shimmer Band, The Blinders, Black Waters, Bang Bang Romeo at ABC

6/10 Choral Stimulation at Mackintosh Church

6/10 The Young ‘Uns at Oran Mor

6/10 Air Traffic at Tut’s

6/10 Duncan Reid and the Big Heads at Sleazy’s

6/10 Neville Staple Band at Audio

6/10 Meadowlark at Record Factory

6/10 Colour of Spring at 13th Note

7/10 Lady Antebellum, Kelsey Ballerini, Brett Young at The Hydro

7/10 Papa Roach at Academy

7/10 Sleaford Mods at ABC

7/10 Sandi Thom at Oran Mor

7/10 Jolie Holland & Samantha Parton at CCA

7/10 Triggerfinger at Tut’s

8/10 Neck Deep at Academy

8/10 Grizzly Bear at ABC

8/10 Arcane Roots at Tut’s

8/10 Serpent Kings, Dog Moon Howl, Warhead at Sleazy’s

8/10 Wille and the Bandits at The Hug and Pint

8/10 Pay No Respect at Audio

9/10 Slowdive at ABC

9/10 Belinda Carlisle at Royal Concert Hall

9/10 The Mountain Goats at The Art School

9/10 Marty Stuart and Hus Fabulous Superlatives at Oran Mor

9/10 Ulrika Spacek at The Hug and Pint

10/10 Gary Numan at ABC

10/10 The Kentucky Headhunters at ABC

10/10 Midge Are with band Electronica, The Christians, Claire Grogan & Altered Images at Royal Concert Hall

10/10 Superfood at Tut’s

10/10 Sløtface at Broadcast

11/10 Dua Lipa at Academy

11/10 JP Cooper at ABC

11/10 Moonchild at ABC

11/10 Nadine Shah at Oran Mor

11/10 Windhand, Satan’s Satyrs at Audio

12/10 Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit at Saint Lukes

12/10 The Dears at Tut’s

13/10 Emeli Sandé at The Hydro

13/10 Legends Live with Suzi Quatro, David Essex, The Osmonds, Hot Chocolate at The Hydro

13/10 Half Man Half Biscuit at ABC

13/10 Joss Stone at Royal Concert Hall

13/10 Low Island at Stereo

13/10 Dream Wife at Tut’s

13/10 HMLTD at Broadcast

13/10 Akercocke at Audio

14/10 Justin Currie & the Pallbearers at ABC

14/10 Roddy Woomble at City Halls

14/10 Mickey 9s at Oran Mor

14/10 Reverend & The Makers at the Garage

14/10 Downtown Boys at Stereo

14/10 Howie Payne & the Band of the Sun at The Hug and Pint

15/10 Hippo Campus at The Garage

15/10 The Coronas at Tut’s

16/10 W.A.S.P. at ABC

16/10 The Slackers at Audio

17/10 Seether at ABC

18/10 Zara Larsson at Academy

18/10 Public Service Broadcasting at Barrowlands

18/10 Beverley Knight at ABC

18/10 Gabrielle Aplin at Oran Mor

18/10 The Flatliners at Stereo

18/10 (Sandy) Alex G at CCA

18/10 Dan Owen at Tut’s

18/10 Diet Cig at Broadcast

19/10 Little Mix at The Hydro

19/10 Fireball – Fuelling the Fire Tour with Reel Big Fish, Anti-Flag, Mad Caddies, Sweet Little Machine at Academy

19/10 The Musical Box – The Black Show, Trespass, Nursery Cryme, Foxtrot, Selling England by the Pound at ABC

19/10 Gaz Brookfield at The Hug and Pint

20/10 Train at Academy

21/10 Ralph McTell at City Halls

20/10 Nell Bryden at Oran Mor

20/10 Jasmine Minks, The Jazz Butcher at Broadcast

20/10 The Deviljocks, The Fuckups, 13 at Sleazy’s

21/10 Hurray For The Riff Raff at Saint Lukes

21/10 The Frank and Walters at Tut’s

22/10 Lightyear at Tut’s

23/10 Acid Mothers Temple, the Melting Paradiso UFO at Broadcast

24/10 Weezer, The Orwells at Academy

24/10 MØ at ABC

24/10 Make Them Suffer at The Garage

24/10 Slowcoaches at Broadcast

25/10 Henry Gallagher at ABC

26/10 Metallica at The Hydro

26/10 Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Tift Merritt at Academy

26/10 Black Rebel Motorcyle Club at Barrowlands

26/10 Bars and Melody ABC

26/10 Wildwood Kin at Stereo

26/10 Wesley Gonzalez at the Hug and Pint

27/10 Godspeed You! Black Emperor at ABC

27/10 Ibibio Sound at Stereo

27/10 Hawklords at Audio

28/10 The Pigeon Detectives at ABC

28/10 Little Eye, Vama at ABC

28/10 Ghostpoet at Stereo

28/10 Kadhja Bonet at Mono

28/10 Francobollo at Tut’s

28/10 Blancmange, Transfigure at Audio

29/10 Aimee Mann, Jonathan Coulton at ABC

29/10 Foy Vance at Saint Lukes

29/10 Tom Robinson at Tut’s

30/10 Mount Kimbie at The Art School

30/10 Foy Vance at Saint Lukes

30/10 Mutation at Stereo

30/10 Peter Perrett at Tut’s

31/10 !!! at Stereo

1/11 Little Dragon at ABC

1/11 Alison Moyet at Royal Concert Hall

1/11 Steven Page at Tut’s

2/11 Father John Misty, Weyes Blood at Academy

2/11 Roots Manuva, Chali 2na, Krafty Kuts, Oscar Worldpeace at ABC

2/11 Harry Styles at Clyde Auditorium

2/11 Celtic Woman at Royal Concert Hall

2/11 Y&T at The Garage

2/11 Com Truise at Stereo

2/11 MALKA at The Hug and Pint

3/11 BluesFest presents The Doobie Brothers, JD & the Straight Shot at Academy

3/11 Kaleo, Judah & the Lion at Barrowlands

3/11 Scouting for Girls, Ben McKelvey at ABC

3/11 Squeeze at Royal Concert Hall

3/11 The Stray Birds at Saint Lukes

3/11 Cradle of Filth at The Garage

3/11 Intervals at Stereo

4/11 The Fall at Oran Mor

4/11 Hardcore Superstar, Fozzy at The Garage

4/11 Jane Weaver at Stereo

5/11 Nathan Carter at Royal Concert Hall

5/11 Japanese Breakfast at The Hug and Pint

6/11 Boyce Avenue at ABC

6/11 Julia Jacklin at Oran Mor

7/11 Van Morrison at Royal Concert Hall

7/11 Impericon Never Say Die Tour with Emmure. Deez Nuts, Chelsea Grin, Sworn In, Kublai Khan at The Garage

9/11 The War On Drugs at Barrowlands

9/11 Dan Baird and Homemade Sin at ABC

9/11 Afro Celt Sound System at Royal Concert Hall

9/11 IGORR at Audio

10/11 Little Mix at The Hydro

10/11 The War On Drugs at Barrowlands

10/11 Milky Chance at ABC

10/11 Martin Stephenson & The Daintees at Oran Mor

10/11 Mr Eazi at Saint Lukes

10/11 Nick Hakim at Tut’s

10/11 Blair Dunlop at The Hug and Pint

10/11 Agnostic Front at Audio

10/11 Eighteen Visions at Cathouse

11/11 Little Mix at The Hydro

11/11 Wolf Alice at Barrowlands

11/11 Andrew Roachford at Oran Mor

11/11 Ben Poole at Sleazy’s

12/11 Alice Cooper at The Hydro

12/11 Dan Patlansky at The Royal Concert Hall

12/11 Joanne Shaw Taylor at Royal Concert Hall

12/11 Sylvan Esso at SWG3

12/11 The Lemon Twigs at QMU

12/11 Alex Lahey at Tut’s

13/11 Airbourne at Academy

13/11 Daniel Romano at ABC

13/11 Maren Morris at ABC

14/11 Thomas Rhett, Old Dominion at Academy

14/11 Thundercat at ABC

14/11 Nerina Pallot at Oran Mor

14/11 Cigarettes After Sex at QMU

14/11 Andrew W.K. at The Garage

15/11 Insane Clown Posse, Mushroomhead at ABC

15/11 Goldie at The Royal Concert Hall

15/11 Counterparts, Polar Napoleon at The Garage

15/11 Gutalax, Spasm at Audio

16/11 Steps at The Hydro

16/11 Run the Jewels at Academy

16/11 Opeth, Enslaved at Barrowlands

16/11 Milburn at ABC

17/11 The Selecter, The Beat featuring Ranking Roger at ABC

17/11 HORSE at Old Fruitmarket

17/11 Aldous Harding at The Art School

17/11 Hazel O’Connor at Oran Mor

17/11 Textures at The Garage

18/11 Fink at Saint Lukes

19/11 OMD at The Royal Concert Hall

19/11 Jim White at Oran Mor

19/11 Ricky Ross at Saint Lukes

19/11 Marika Hackman at Tut’s

20/11 The Cadillac Three, Brothers Osborne at ABC

20/11 James Blunt at Clyde Auditorium

20/11 Morgan James at Oran Mor

20/11 Ricky Ross at Saint Lukes

21/11 The Burning Hell at The Hug and Pint

22/11 Deep Purple at The Hydro

22/11 Chris Rea at The Royal Concert Hall

22/11 Stu Larsen at Tut’s

23/11 Nelly at Academy

23/11 Howard Jones at ABC

23/11 Average White Band at Royal Concert Hall

23/11 Beans On Toast, Skinny Lister at Oran Mor

23/11 Bad Touch, Mollie Marriott at Stereo

24/11 Royal Blood, At The Drive In, Black Honey at The Hydro

24/11 Mac DeMarco at Barrowlands

24/11 Duke Special at Oran Mor

24/11 Leif Vollebekk at The Garage

24/11 Brix and the Extricated at Stereo

24/11 Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy at Audio

25/11 The Icicle Works at ABC

25/11 And So I Watch You From Afar at Oran Mor

25/11 Collabro, Carly Paoli, Philippa Hanna at Theatre Royal

26/11 Rhiannon Giddons at Royal Concert Hall

27/11 PVRIS at Academy

27/11 Blaenavon, The Night Café at Saint Luke’s

28/11 James Arthur, Ella Henderson at The Hydro

28/11 Electric Boys, Beth Blade and The Beautiful Disaster at ABC

28/11 Faust at Oran Mor

29/11 Gorillaz at The Hydro

29/11 The Darkness at Academy

29/11 FOREIGNER at Clyde Auditorium

29/11 Mammut at The Hug and Pint

30/11 Shed Seven, Cast at Academy

30/11 Good Charlotte at Barrowlands

30/11 Bicep, Hammer at BAaD

1/12 Jools Holland, RJ Thompson at SECC

1/12 Shed Seven, Cast at Academy

1/12 Daniel Sloss at Royal Concert Hall

1/12 Chase Rice at Tut’s

2/12 Gun, Mason Hill, Tequila Mockingbyrd, Dirty Thrills at Barrowlands

2/12 The Twang at ABC

2/12 Pumarosa at Tut’s

2/12 Church of Confidence, Fire Exit, Talk of the Town, the Cundeez, The Zips at Audio

3/12 Queen + Adam Lambert at The Hydro

3/12 Hermitage Green at ABC

4/12 The Charlatans at Academy

4/12 Dan + Shay at Saint Lukes

5/12 Marilyn Manson at Academy

5/12 Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes at ABC

7/12 Mastodon at Barrowlands

8/12 Stone Sour, The Pretty Reckless at The Hydro

8/12 LANY at QMU

8/12 Jessica Hoop at Tut’s

9/12 Soul II Soul featuring Jazzie B & Caron Weller at Barrowlands

9/12 GlasVille at ABC

9/12 The Slow Readers Club at Tut’s

10/12 Michael Ball & Alfie Boe at The Hydro

10/12 The Family Silver at ABC

12/12 Silverstein at The Garage

13/12 Pete Tong presents Ibiza Classics with The Heritage Orchestra at The Hydro

14/12 Andre Rieu at The Hydro

14/12 HIM at Barrowlands

15/12 Amy MacDonald at Barrowlands

16/12 Mogwai, Ride at The Hydro

16/12 Amy MacDonald at Barrowlands

16/12 Dreadzone at CCA

18/12 Five Finger Death Punch, In Flames, Mice & Men at The Hydro

19/12 Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band at Saint Lukes

21/12 Fish at ABC

23/12 Happy Mondays at Academy

23/12 Vigo Thieves at Tut’s

25/12 Paul Weller at The Hydro

6/1 Single By Sunday at ABC

13/1 Long Earth at The Hug and Pint

11/2 Esprit D’Air at Audio

9/3 Country To County at The Hydro

10/3 Country To County at The Hydro

11/3 Country To County at The Hydro

14/4 Harry Styles at The Hydro

18/4 Escala at Oran Mor

18/5 Rend Collective at Academy

24/6 Katy Perry at The Hydro

28/11 Scotland Calling 2018 at ABC

We trying to keep our listings of upcoming gigs for Glasgow as comprehensive and up to date as possible, so if there is anything we’re missing please drop us a message to

Rave Child – Glasgow music, enjoy!

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