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Record review: Pronto Mama – ‘Rubber’

[youtube] Meshing together jazz, contemporary pop and a whole host of funk and fun Pronto Mama have brought to life a lovely little single. Anchored by a float of jagged funky guitars, a delightful saxophone and patterned raspy vocals ‘Rubber’ evolves into a complete free for all as it rushes towards climax. Describing their sound as a … Continue Reading ››

Record review: Conquering Animal Sound – On Floating Bodies [Chemikal Underground]

1artworks-000038825610-t9g8rb-t500x500 There is an airy confidence which dislocates itself into tiny fragments around the beautifully bold landscapes composed within Glasgow duo Conquering Animal Sound’ latest release On Floating Bodies. There is a courteous visceral curiosity that attaches itself onto the bends and breaks of the patterns within the … Continue Reading ››