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Noah – ‘Noticing the Space’

Making waves in the Glasgow music scene is Americana one-piece Noah (Kenneth-Noah Blair) whose track ‘Noticing the Space’ has already featured as the official anthem of the 2016 Scottish Air Show. Going back to basics, Noah’s sound is uncomplicated; there’s a pleasure in the familiarity of his sound. ‘Noticing the Space’ goes deeper, like a storyteller Noah … Continue Reading ››

Sloth Metropolis – Origins

Sloth Metropolis can never be accused of following suit or amending their style to fit in with the rest, they produce some exceedingly original, occasionally surprising and often bizarre songs; lovingly compiled on Origins. Sporting some wicked alchemical symbols in their artwork and with no apologies made for the use of similar themes in the music, … Continue Reading ››

The New Fabian Society – Choke

The title track from The New Fabian Society’s latest release (the band’s first in nearly two years) is a slow burn, crushing guitars gradually build for what seems like an eternity before erupting into a chaotic cacophony of noise. With an outro so pandemic The Black Plague want’s a word, ‘Choke’ doesn’t overstay it’s welcome and … Continue Reading ››

Sacred Paws – Strike a Match [Rock Action]

Sacred Paws is an exceptional live band, creating an intoxicating musical landscape they force any crowd from the dingiest hall to dance around their handbags and transport them to sunnier places. The complicated African highlife rhythms and constantly catchy riffs are even more incredible and surprising considering the band are a two piece, although granted at … Continue Reading ››