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Pronto Mama – ‘Arabesque’ [Electric Honey]

Glasgow six-piece Pronto Mama are not a band to walk the narrow line of a single genre, and their latest single ‘Arabesque’, released on prestigious college label Electric Honey, glides effortlessly through a series of musical postures, revealing a new maturity to their sound. ’Arabesque’ is light on its feet, at once lackadaisically smooth and tightly … Continue Reading ››

The Miss’s – Crash

Opening their second full-length release with the haunting, lonely and sombre ‘I Am’, The Miss’s offer an engaging and lyrically potent introduction to this soulful and emotional album. The Miss’s experiment with popular and commonplace tropes and deliver some very pleasing sounds with their home-produced and homegrown album. ‘I Am’ is followed by the album’s title track … Continue Reading ››


Despite only forming last year, UNDO already have their sound clearly defined and showcase that on their debut self-titled and self-released new album. ‘Hollow Hands’ is a strong opening track, which fuses indie guitars and post-punk vocals to create a nostalgic sound. ‘Paint Me’ is more upbeat and the band admit it’s a song on which they … Continue Reading ››

Mark W. Georgsson – Faces and Places [Last Night From Glasgow]

The debut album from Mark W. Georgsson certainly has a unique background to it. Formerly the bassist known as Mark Thomson from Glaswegian indie-rockers The Velveteen Saints, Thomson took on his new moniker in his new role as a frontman in his own right, and joined forces with Idlewild's Rod Jones to record with a myriad … Continue Reading ››

HOME$LICE – Young Creatives

Glaswegian five-piece HOME$LICE return with their latest EP Young Creatives after cementing themselves as the trailblazers of a lo-fi scene which has been gathering momentum for several years now. Opener 'Come Up To Fade' thrashes the record into life in proper old-school garage rock fashion; lead vocalist Josh McDowall howls like a youthful Julian Casablancas as … Continue Reading ››

Cameron Robertson – A Good While

Cameron Robertson makes guitar led music that voyages from shimmering, almost classical pieces to the sort of funky alternative rock that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Incubus album. Ultimately an EP length suite of guitar pieces without vocals is always going to be something of a niche proposition, but Robertson is a soulful guitar … Continue Reading ››

Thula Borah – Near Life Experience [Kill Jester]

Near Life Experience is the latest release from Glasgow’s Thula Borah, an interesting four-piece who seem to be as at home in the avant-garde underground as they’re playing to leather clad metal heads. ‘Analysis Paralysis’ sets the scene with an earth churning instrumental that brings to mind the sand-blasted road-warrior stoner metal of Clutch or Queens … Continue Reading ››

Static Union – ‘Turn Out The Lights’

The debut single from Glasgow-based Static Union ‘Turn Out The Lights’ is long overdue, after the band formed in 2014 while still at school. They’ve been gigging extensively since then, which has clearly paid off in terms of their confidence and the fans they’ve gathered, as their single launch at Audio last month sold out. ‘Turn Out … Continue Reading ››

Kid Canaveral – ‘Callous Parting Gift’ [Lost Map]

In many ways, Kid Canaveral’s latest postcard single from 2016’s Faulty Inner Dialogue is an understated jewel in the crown of an album whose success derives as much from its pop credentials as its more experimental electronic and sometimes minimalist spin on indie. Written and sung by the band’s guitarist Kate Lazda, ‘Callous Parting Gift’ recalls … Continue Reading ››

Ayakara – ‘Dressed from ‘67’ [BoomChang]

Despite having played together for just three years, there’s something classic about Ayakara’s music: it effortlessly taps into the groove of sixties rock, baggy nineties anthemic pop, seventies R&B and the tongue-twisting wit of noughties indie. Nevertheless, the Leith-based band spends little time wilting in their musical nostalgia; instead, vintage influences are wielded with a casual … Continue Reading ››