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The Spook School – ‘Still Alive’ [Alcopop!]

Edinburgh scuzzy indie pop quartet The Spook School release their eagerly anticipated third album on January 26, to whet the appetite the cheeky noise merchants have released single ‘Still Alive’, which oozes quite frankly more than enough hooks and quirks to get us excited about Could It Be Different? Mixing the distorted waves of lo-fi pop … Continue Reading ››

Monoganon – ‘Black Hole’ [Lost Map]

The spacey soundscape of Monoganon’s ‘Black Hole,’ spearheads the much anticipated Killmens album, aptly released on 19th November 2017 - International Men’s Day. Comparable to the all-encompassing black holes drifting through our solar systems, the five-and-a-half-minute track is an immersive experience, holding its listener in one place while dreamy synths and scattered drum beats unravel over … Continue Reading ››

Foggy City Orphan – ‘Fake News Blues’

Foggy City Orphan hit a topical newsfeed and social propaganda nerve with their latest single ‘Fake News Blues’. From Glasgow and comprising brothers Paul and John McLinden on vocal and guitar and school mates Stephen Sweeney on drums and Michael Valente on bass, FCO are a potent force of off kilter indie; the single is taken … Continue Reading ››

Cop Graveyard – Are You Happy You’re Here? [GoldMold]

Seemingly named for a song by the themselves questionably named American emos Teen Suicide, Cop Graveyard is the song writing vehicle of Eliot Humphreys, whose adventures in lo-fi alienation have so far led to almost a dozen assorted EPs and releases. His DIY punk / indie rock hybrid is charitably a sound that you will have heard … Continue Reading ››

The Van T‘s – Bitter Sweet [LAB]

Glaswegian surf-rock band The Van T‘s bless us with new catchy single ‘Bitter Sweet’; the second single the four-piece have released in 2017, a follow up to the energetic and loud ‘Fresh Meat’. In comparison to ‘Fresh Meat’, their latest release is calmer, but the band still remain loyal to their harmonies and guitar heavy instrumentals. The … Continue Reading ››

Static Union – ‘Last Resort/Last of Our Kind’

‘Last Resort/Last of Our Kind’ is the latest single from the incredibly talented Static Union, having already performed at XpoNorth, Tenement Trail and Prince’s Street at the Edinburgh Festival, Static Union will be headlining King Tut’s for the second time this year in December. Both tracks exhibit the band’s incredible songwriting and production talent, which was … Continue Reading ››

Annie Booth – An Unforgiving Light [Scottish Fiction/Last Night From Glasgow]

Edinburgh based artist Annie Booth has received critical acclaim and is continuing to impress in her new release An Unforgiving Light. A self-described indie-rock/folk artist, Booth is on point with not only her song writing, but her capacity to communicate many deep sentiments through her work. Mellow tones melt with the soft vocals in ‘Demons’, it’ll send … Continue Reading ››