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Sacred Paws – Strike a Match [Rock Action]

Sacred Paws is an exceptional live band, creating an intoxicating musical landscape they force any crowd from the dingiest hall to dance around their handbags and transport them to sunnier places. The complicated African highlife rhythms and constantly catchy riffs are even more incredible and surprising considering the band are a two piece, although granted at … Continue Reading ››

Bystandereffect – ‘Old Cramps T Shirt’

Bystandereffect is – if nothing else - unique, producing ‘Old Cramps T Shirt’, a haunting, bizarre, dream-like experimental single. Filled with unusual production techniques and effects, this single is rhythmic, versatile and enjoyable. It whets the appetite well for any future releases as it suggests that the “electronic sludge” outfit – as they refer to themselves as … Continue Reading ››

Be Charlotte – ‘One Drop’ [AWAL / Kobalt]

Touted by absolutely everybody and their granny as ‘ones to watch’ in 2017, it would be hard not to, as Be Charlotte is set to play a full festival circuit this year, including another coveted and well deserved spot at SXSW 2017. The industrious trio, fronted by hyper-talented vocalist Charlotte Brimner have brought some damn good … Continue Reading ››

Pronto Mama – ‘Arabesque’ [Electric Honey]

Glasgow six-piece Pronto Mama are not a band to walk the narrow line of a single genre, and their latest single ‘Arabesque’, released on prestigious college label Electric Honey, glides effortlessly through a series of musical postures, revealing a new maturity to their sound. ’Arabesque’ is light on its feet, at once lackadaisically smooth and tightly … Continue Reading ››