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Radiophonic Tuckshop – Running Commentary [Last Night From Glasgow]

Glaswegian musical guru Joe Kane is a man of many hats - not only is he a highly-regarded producer, he features in numerous (and diverse) bands, ranging from the psych-pop of Dr Cosmos's Tape Lab, to being "Paul" in the excellent Beatles tribute act Them Beatles. Always keen to progress onto something new, Kane has enlisted … Continue Reading ››

Happy Meals – Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony Vol IV-V [So Low]

FOLLOW THE SOUND OF AQUARIUS TO AUTOMATED SYNTHESIS. Prepare to cleanse, revive and paint day-glo your chakras, because Happy Meals are back with Optimo Music’s inaugural release on new ‘So Low’ imprint, Full Ashram Devotional Ceremony Vol IV-V. Best listened to as a continuous experience from start to finish, the 34 minute, 5-track album requires a … Continue Reading ››

Siobhan Wilson – There Are No Saints [Song, By Toad]

Siobhan Wilson’s There Are No Saints starts off with its titular track, a saintly track that sets the scene beautifully and topically for a particularly nuanced, bold, intelligent and endearing album. What it does extremely well is meld contemporary and classical elements with respect, restraint and understanding; delivering one of the best debut albums we’ve heard … Continue Reading ››

The Bellybuttons – Wires

Newest release from The Bellybuttons, three track EP Wires, highlights an irreplaceable coolness with slick 90s vibes - the most important release of 2017 thus far. First track ‘Referendum on you (enemies)’ captures a calming and airy dynamic, cleverly put together and creatively charged - counter melodies weaving throughout. Effortlessly gliding into the second track ‘Autumn Song’, … Continue Reading ››

Sister John – ‘Sweetest Moment’ [Last Night From Glasgow]

Meeting through the Parsonage Choir, Glasgow’s Sister John make beautiful lo-fi pop with a touch of Americana to their lush, warm harmonies. ‘Sweetest Moment’ is the second single to be released by Last Night From Glasgow after last year’s debut ‘He Came Down’ and it’s startling just how assured the songwriting feels right off the bat. From the conversational opening … Continue Reading ››

Mt. Doubt – ‘Tourists’ [Scottish Fiction]

Following the positive response to Mt. Doubt’s critically acclaimed albums In Awe of Nothing and My Past is a Quiet Beast, March saw the release of new single ‘Tourists’. It’s a story about Leo Bargery’s fear of flying and the tone is tongue and cheek, while the melody is a smooth, free-flowing mantra. The composition is sincere … Continue Reading ››

Bluebirds – There Is No God

After the spectacular self-immolation of notorious rockers The Amazing Snakeheads, there’s a gap in the market for some grimy, gory Scottish rock and straight out the coffin Bluebirds seem like possible contenders. There is No God is five-tracks of grotty, shambling post-punk propelled by the sort of funereal organ and scene chewing vocals that would even … Continue Reading ››