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Static Union – ‘Turn Out The Lights’

The debut single from Glasgow-based Static Union ‘Turn Out The Lights’ is long overdue, after the band formed in 2014 while still at school. They’ve been gigging extensively since then, which has clearly paid off in terms of their confidence and the fans they’ve gathered, as their single launch at Audio last month sold out. ‘Turn Out … Continue Reading ››

Kid Canaveral – ‘Callous Parting Gift’ [Lost Map]

In many ways, Kid Canaveral’s latest postcard single from 2016’s Faulty Inner Dialogue is an understated jewel in the crown of an album whose success derives as much from its pop credentials as its more experimental electronic and sometimes minimalist spin on indie. Written and sung by the band’s guitarist Kate Lazda, ‘Callous Parting Gift’ recalls … Continue Reading ››

Ayakara – ‘Dressed from ‘67’ [BoomChang]

Despite having played together for just three years, there’s something classic about Ayakara’s music: it effortlessly taps into the groove of sixties rock, baggy nineties anthemic pop, seventies R&B and the tongue-twisting wit of noughties indie. Nevertheless, the Leith-based band spends little time wilting in their musical nostalgia; instead, vintage influences are wielded with a casual … Continue Reading ››

Campfires in Winter – ‘Free Me From the Howl’ [Olive Grove]

The first thing that Campfires in Winter strikes you with is catchy, relatable and simple lyrics amidst a memorable rhythm. The bassline drives the song from start to finish and supports the effortless and natural vocals throughout. ‘Free Me From The Howl’ is an evolving and dynamic track that incorporates a lot of instruments and elements in … Continue Reading ››

Louise McVey & Cracks in the Concrete – Under the Heart

Opening with ‘Departed’, Louise McVey & Cracks in the Concrete start the way they opt to continue with Under the Heart. This opening track sounds as though you’re walking in on it halfway through, as if you were late, the vocals are eerie and nuanced, the guitars, brooding and weary, the piano subtle and sparing. Under the HeartContinue Reading ››

Ded Rabbit – ‘Figurine’ [Ded Rabbit]

Edinburgh-based Ded Rabbit (four brothers, originally from Yorkshire) make the kind of alt-rock indie that feels head-bangingly jagged, but also throws out enough tight rhythms to provide groundwork for a vigorous live show. Latest single ‘Figurine’ opens with a crunchy lick and the quick appearance of a throbbing bass and crashing drums. It’s a sharp, no-nonsense track … Continue Reading ››

Hostel Freaks – Squad Goals [City of Glass]

Hostel Freaks is made up of one man, David Maitland, who describes his music as “Sci-Fi Techno” and “Cosmic Electronica”. These are rather accurate descriptions and judging by new EP Squad Goals, Maitland has created the perfect mix of obscure, yet intriguing tracks that follow the cutting edge style of modern dance/house, while placing his own … Continue Reading ››

Big Cloud – Shineosaur [Cloudstrong Industries]

Hailed as “fearlessly boring groove-drone and ambient pop” by themselves, Fife-based band Big Cloud has just released 3-track EP Shineosaur and it is safe to say that they have falsely advertised themselves as in the boring sense. The title track is calm, melodic and peaceful track; built around slow, repeating guitar chords and haunting, soft vocals, … Continue Reading ››