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Foreignfox – I Used To Be A Bellydancer [Scottish Fiction]

Adding another branch to their EP bough, Foreignfox are set to release I Used To Be A Bellydancer through Scottish Fiction Records. Staying true to their style of burly Scottish accents and deep-seated, emotive melodies, Foreignfox bring another robust set of tunes to the scene. ‘Perfect Place To Start’ is big; a well-equipped opening track with an … Continue Reading ››

Swamp Sounds / Uncle Pops and the Dumbloods – Swamp Sounds / Uncle Pops and the Dumbloods [Bearsuit]

A split album is a curious creature; to the listener, it can be two-bands-for-the-price-of-one, a sweeping intro to a genre, decade or scene or an interesting exercise in drawing out common themes. Sometimes, as on this split from experimental electronic musician Swamp Sounds and equally out there Dundonian Uncle Pops & the Dumbloods, it can be … Continue Reading ››

CHUMP – ‘At Least We Got a Song Out of It’ [Gerry Loves]

The A-side – ‘At Least We Got a Song Out of It - is rhythmically hypnotic and oozes professionalism and poise as well as laid-back resignation; it’s vocally endearing and musically explorative, well engineered and beautifully recorded. The wash of the cymbals is well placed and overlays the other instruments with a sense of distance. The name … Continue Reading ››

Lush Purr – Cuckoo Waltz [Song, by Toad]

With a name that quite literally purrs with lush assonance, Lush Purr are a band who might take you to the hypnagogic depths of dream-pop consciousness; but despite the quirky sincerity, they won’t give up their humour. Their debut album Cuckoo Waltz is a satisfyingly kooky treat that effortlessly slides into that slightly quixotic zone of … Continue Reading ››

Apache Darling – ‘Go’

Led by keyboardist Andrew Black and vocalist Stefanie Lawrence, the audaciously poptimistic Apache Darling return with the soaring ‘Go’. After slots at T in the Park and King Tut’s new music showcases they’ve built a reputation as impressive pop performers with a handful of great live singalongs so it’s exciting for fans to finally get their … Continue Reading ››

Fat Goth – Enorme! [Hefty Dafty]

Mainstays of the Scottish underground music scene for several years now, Fat Goth are party-happy Dundonions now on their fourth album of grubby, weed-infused rock music. Their humorous style is reminiscent of Turbonegro or Dead Kennedys – they named their first album Mindless Crap – but there’s some musical chops to their full throttle wig outs … Continue Reading ››