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Lewis Capaldi – ‘Bruises’

There’s a fair wee buzz starting to build around Bathgate’s Lewis Capaldi, and it’s definitely well deserved. Though Capaldi only released his debut single ‘Bruises’ at the end of March the singer-songwriter has already been selling-out shows left, right and centre, including a remarkable sold-out King Tut’s headline spot earlier in the year. The hype is justified, … Continue Reading ››

AMOR – ‘Paradise/In Love An Arc’ [Night School]

'Paradise/In Love An Arc' is the debut single from AMOR - the new supergroup featuring Paul Thomson of Franz Ferdinand fame, Richard Youngs, Luke Fowler and Michael Francis Duch. Inspired by the disco sounds of 70s-era Philadelphia International Records, AMOR bring their avant-garde disco sensibilities to life through epic soundscapes. Side A track 'Paradise' begins with a … Continue Reading ››

The Calm Fiasco – The Fear [Chewy]

The Fear is the latest release from Glaswegian indie-rockers The Calm Fiasco, who look to build upon their fast-growing success since their formation in 2012. Global megastar Susan Boyle has even gotten in on the action, having previously proclaimed them "the best band in the world". The EP starts off with the menacing 'Lose Control' - swagger-fuelled … Continue Reading ››

Slow Decades – Hinterlands

Five-piece Slow Decades return with their second album Hinterlands following 2014 debut The Frost And The Concrete. Having previously released two singles from Hinterlands, ‘Broadcast’ and ‘Faded Glamour’, the band has now released this intimate and diverse album in full. The album opens with the track ‘Sleep It Off’; staying true to its title, this is a … Continue Reading ››

Depeche Choad – ‘I Hate Cats/Dead Mole Party’

Depeche Choad are tremendous; their records sound like they came from a bootleg version of Tony Hawks Pro Skater that everyone should play. ‘I Hate Cats’ is thematically consistent in music and in lyrics to the title of the song itself. The lyric “I hate cats” gives way to other pet peeves including a hatred of “tuna … Continue Reading ››

State Broadcasters – A Different Past [Olive Grove]

Returning for their third record, Glasgow’s State Broadcasters have teased this record as a ‘modern day sophisti-pop record’ showcasing a “more playful, upbeat side of the band” and for the first half of the record this is mostly true. The follow up to their 2009 debut The Ship and the Iceberg, and its 2012 follow up, … Continue Reading ››

Pronto Mama – ‘Double – Speak’ [Electric Honey]

Blending emo, pop and synth elements in their music, Pronto Mama follow – or perhaps lead – the trend in contemporary Scottish guitar music for making novel use of common tropes from different styles to develop something unique. The wandering bass, the rolling drums – each given adequate attention and volume, the creative guitar work and … Continue Reading ››

The Vegan Leather – ‘Shake It’

The Vegan Leather are the latest name that seem to be on the lips of all the Scottish music tastemakers at the moment. Instantaneously the massive, dirty electronics kick 'Shake It' into life, with the boy/girl trade-off between vocalists Marie Collins and Gianluca Bernacchi. Around two and a half minutes in, 'Shake It' essentially stops before becoming … Continue Reading ››