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Natalie Pryce – A Very Special Christmas With Natalie Pryce [Ptarmigan]

Natalie Pryce do things in their own inimitable style, so to announce the release of their A Very Special Christmas With Natalie Pryce EP they only teased it with ‘9’ short video trailers on social media in a film noir style. It ain’t no surprise from these guys and the fact that it was also released … Continue Reading ››

OCEVNS – ‘Open Arms’

‘Open Arms’ is the latest release from alternative rockers OCEVNS. Formally known as Enemies of the State, they have built up a loyal fanbase citing politics as a main influence behind the band, the band renamed themselves OCEVNS retaining their original sound but adding some more poetic sounds to their music. ‘Open Arms’ shows off the incredibly … Continue Reading ››

Brave Little Note – ‘Grrrl Trouble’

There is a saying “to wear your heart on your sleeve” well Brave Little Note aka Jaqueline ‘Jack’ Irvine certainly makes ones feelings apparent in ‘Grrrl Trouble’. It makes uncomfortable listening when you digest the lyrics, and you have no option but to, given the in your face way they are delivered. This is a fairly unique … Continue Reading ››

Tomorrow Syndicate – ‘Into the Void/X for the Unknown’ [Polytechnic Youth]

In an opening that feels both old and fresh simultaneously, the warm-hearted and optimistically charged ‘Into the Void’ exudes a harkening back to The Jesus and Mary Chain. While it bends hypnotically from a more positive hue across to a pentatonic swell driven by a synth strings motif, it has an age to it, a kind … Continue Reading ››

The Spook School – ‘Less Than Perfect’ [Alcopop!]

The infectious indie pop delivered by Edinburgh four-piece The Spook School has all the honest charm of previous efforts with a punchy joyfulness that has become synonymous with the group. ‘Less Than Perfect’ is the second single from their upcoming third album, Could it be Different?, and illustrates their growth since 2013’s debut effort, ‘Dress Up’. Anna … Continue Reading ››

Pronto Mama – ‘Bully March’

As a stand-alone single, ‘Bully March’ strides the line finely between the expected and the unexpected, the typical and the atypical, the tightly structured and the loosey-goosey. Martin Johnson’s cerebrospinal fluid pressurising drums allow the song to flit well along axes of timing and feeling. The typical emo elements are well balanced by the bands fairly unique … Continue Reading ››