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West End Festival All Dayer at Oran Mor 18/6/17

It only comes around once a year but Oran Mor’s All Dayer is one of the West End Festival’s most coveted musical events, this year boasting 17 bands across three stages and offering something for everyone, from pounding Scottish rock to electronic acts and dad-friendly acoustic nostalgia (it is Father’s Day after all). Continue Reading ››

Marika Hackman, Our Girl, Francobollo at Tut’s, 30/5/17

If anyone turned up to tonight’s Marika Hackman gig expecting an evening of soothing folk music, they were certainly in for a surprise as the whole lineup brings something of a darker groove to the hallowed stage of Tut’s. First up are Swedish-born, London-based Francobollo, who offer their artfully deranged pop punk to an audience who … Continue Reading ››

Electric Frog and Pressure Riverside Festival at Riverside Museum, 27-28/5

Festivals, especially ones as full on as Riverside, inevitably provide snapshots: moments and memories that add up to a faintly confused and nebulous whole; often intensely vivid but scattergun, nonetheless That's perhaps the whole point - an array of experiences that don't fully make sense but nonetheless coalesce into a hyperreal survival task. So it is that … Continue Reading ››

Pronto Mama, Declan Welsh and the Decadent West, ST MARTiiNS at The Art School, 26/5/17

It’s been a long hot day in May and frankly the atmosphere in tonight’s gig is flustered, intense; like any minute you could light up the audience with one choice spark. Luckily, the bands on show all know how to work that magic. First up is Dundee’s ST … Continue Reading ››

Priests, Current Affairs, Kaspar Hauser at The Hug and Pint, 22/5/17

As I descend The Hug and Pint’s staircase the volume from the basement starts to rise, Kaspar Hauser is tonight’s opening act and both them and other local act Current Affairs seem to make a huge impression on tonight’s headliner. Kaspar Hauser is a powerful force live, the trio snarl through a set of industrial post … Continue Reading ››

Homeshake, Keith Charles at CCA, 20/5/16

It’s a chilled out affair at the CCA as Montreal-based Homeshake take to the stage. The brain-child of the former guitarist for Mac DeMarco’s live band, Peter Sagar, the outfit are touring Europe following the release of their third studio album, Fresh Air, earlier this year. Following a surprising support from Keith Charles, a rapper hardly befitting … Continue Reading ››

The Great Albatross (album launch), Skinny Dipper, Fiskur at The Glad Cafe, 12/5/17

Tonight is in aid of the launch of the debut Great Albatross record Asleep in the Kaatskills on LP Records. The room is already quite full before anyone has taken the stage; there are eleven instruments up there, as many pedals and half as many amps - I’m no mathematician, but that’s a lot of stuff for … Continue Reading ››