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Live review: The OK Social Club, Echofela, Young Aviators, Bryan McLeish at Stairway, 1/5/12

It take's a combination of ingredients to make the perfect gig and unfortunately tonight hasn't quite got them all in the right places. A relatively new venue in Glasgow, Stairway has yet to find it's scene, though with the shape of the underground spot it's worth … Continue Reading ››

Live review: The Clock, Holy Childhood, Becci Wallace at The Roxy 171, 26/4/11

The Clock - or frontman Calum Stewart partnered by Holy Childhood guitarist Barry Lee, in any case - open proceedings at this press/promo night for the compact, cavernous basement venue on Great Western Road, The Roxy 171. While busy waitresses divest themselves of platters of food, … Continue Reading ››

Live review: The Glad Cafe present Alasdair Roberts, Adam Stearns and the Glass Animals at Kinning Park Complex, 16/3/12

For the past few months, the local, independent art-music collective The Glad Cafe have been putting on some great events, and tonight is no different. They've been moving around various venues in the south side of Glasgow, which has done great work towards boosting the artistic … Continue Reading ››

Live review: Haight-Ashbury, Captain and the Kings, Soho Dandy at Captains Rest, 8/3/12

First up is Soho Dandy, whose name (oddly enough) is from a headline announcing the death of London artist Sebastian Horsely. While their music lacks the flamboyance of their namesake it is still as interesting, with a particular hit with the crowd being a fiercely anti-Scottish … Continue Reading ››

Live review: The Daily Dose presents Carnivores, The Darien Venture, Cuddly Shark, No Island at Stereo, 5/3/12

Kicking off tonight’s charity is hardcore act No Island, and they waste no time, lead vocalist Chris McGlynn gets the already large crowd rallied to the front of the stages and unleashes a torrent of pure anger and raw energy on them, accompanied by frenetic … Continue Reading ››