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Record review: My Tiny Robots – ‘Rock Bossa Nova Fourbeat Black’

'Rock Bossa Nova Fourbeat Black' - I know. It sounds like the silliest title you could give a track after those emo-bands-that-tell-little-stories-whenever-they-get-a-chance-instead-of-coming-up-with-a-proper-name-for-a-song if you catch my drift. My Tiny Robots, on the other hand, might be onto something as their single is like an … Continue Reading ››

Live review: Fiction Faction (EP launch) w/ Verse Metrics, Galoshins at Stereo, 15/10/11

With miserable weather dampening most spirits, the organ bashing and manic laughter of Galoshins provides an entertaining start to the evening, seeming to thoroughly enjoy themselves and their Pink-Floyd-surrounded-by-a-pack-of-hyenas vibe. Verse Metrics hit a more serious note, but what they lack in enthusiasm is soon … Continue Reading ››