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Pronto Mama – ‘Double – Speak’ [Electric Honey]

Blending emo, pop and synth elements in their music, Pronto Mama follow – or perhaps lead – the trend in contemporary Scottish guitar music for making novel use of common tropes from different styles to develop something unique. The wandering bass, the rolling drums – each given adequate attention and volume, the creative guitar work and … Continue Reading ››

The Vegan Leather – ‘Shake It’

The Vegan Leather are the latest name that seem to be on the lips of all the Scottish music tastemakers at the moment. Instantaneously the massive, dirty electronics kick 'Shake It' into life, with the boy/girl trade-off between vocalists Marie Collins and Gianluca Bernacchi. Around two and a half minutes in, 'Shake It' essentially stops before becoming … Continue Reading ››

Catholic Action – ‘Doing Well’

There's just something about Catholic Action that oozes effortless cool; maybe it’s front man Chris McCrory’s L’Oréal-ready hair, maybe it’s their sartorial nod to The Velvet Underground (all monochrome stripes and dark denim), or maybe it’s simply their consistent knack for a good pop hook. Latest single ‘Doing Well’, recorded and produced by McCrory himself and … Continue Reading ››

BOYD – Young Womanhood

Multi-instrumentalist, musical experimentalist and lyrical mentalist BOYD delivers Young Womanhood; an EP to follow up debut EP Shortened Suite. The playful but frank approach to this work is engaging and endearing. The lyrics are not subtle or metaphorical in many places and the almost honky-tonk nature of the music makes for an at least original experience. ‘Kissing Boys’ … Continue Reading ››

François and the Atlas Mountains, Spinning Coin at Mono, 30/3/17

François and the Atlas Mountains open with a clutch of songs from brilliant new record Solide Mirage, including ‘Tendre Est l’Âme’ and the gorgeous calypso lilt ‘Apocalypse à Ipsos’, each of which turns on a variation of a single groove; peaking and dipping like a gentle wave. The highlife-inflected ‘Grand Dérèglement’ is an early standout; a joyous, … Continue Reading ››