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Withered Hand, a Singer of Songs, Martha Ffion at The Hug and Pint, 7/5/17

Dan Wilson of Withered Hand is absolutely one of the most interesting songwriters around; he recently collaborated to write and record with Barcelona-based a Singer of Songs during a week at an organic farm ‘in the middle of nowhere’ near Barcelona. Over three dates in Edinburgh, Crail and Glasgow, the two launched the resulting EP Among … Continue Reading ››

Compilation – Armellodie Is 10 [Armellodie]

Everyone loves a compilation and, after ten years on the go, Armellodie Records, founded in 2007 by Al Nero and Scott Maple, most surely deserves one. Somewhat overused used word but idiosyncratic perfectly encapsulates the label and its roster: across a generous helping of twenty tracks, there is a unifying aesthetic but it's also an expansive … Continue Reading ››

Tryptamines – The Way That Can Be Named Is Not The Nameless Way [Fitlike]

Aberdonian outfit Tryptamines pick up with their new album The Way Which Can be Named is not the Nameless Way, the way they left off with the last track off of their last album ‘The Way Which Can be Named is not the Nameless Way’. Perhaps, given their names, this should have been expected. If you know … Continue Reading ››

American Clay – Sky Hooks [LP]

The new American Clay EP, Sky Hooks, shakes the loose skin off your face with its fuzz induced perfection, providing intelligent verses and humble choruses, forcing you to keep this record on constant repeat. Opening track 'Flow' is a charismatic beast, completely drenched in intensified distortion, partnered with lazy vocals and relevant hooks. There’s a real darkened, bellowed attitude screaming from … Continue Reading ››

Otoboke Beaver, Say Sue Me, Breakfast MUFF at CCA, 3/5/17

Allegedly this is the only time tonight’s headliners get to tour, it being Golden Week, Japan’s longest national holiday, but Otoboke Beaver are the band that will set aside these rules, these guys are destined to play much further than Japan and not just on the holiday’s from their day jobs. Glasgow’s Breakfast MUFF open proceedings … Continue Reading ››

Spinning Coin – ‘Raining On Hope Street’ [Geographic]

There’s something out of time about Spinning Coin’s latest single, ‘Raining On Hope Street’, a sense of being suspended in a fleeting, wistful dream. While DIY movements are usually associated with punk, Glasgow has a rich history of indie making its political statement through nuanced narratives of everyday life told through song; less about tearing up … Continue Reading ››