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Lush Purr – Cuckoo Waltz [Song, by Toad]

With a name that quite literally purrs with lush assonance, Lush Purr are a band who might take you to the hypnagogic depths of dream-pop consciousness; but despite the quirky sincerity, they won’t give up their humour. Their debut album Cuckoo Waltz is a satisfyingly kooky treat that effortlessly slides into that slightly quixotic zone of … Continue Reading ››

Apache Darling – ‘Go’

Led by keyboardist Andrew Black and vocalist Stefanie Lawrence, the audaciously poptimistic Apache Darling return with the soaring ‘Go’. After slots at T in the Park and King Tut’s new music showcases they’ve built a reputation as impressive pop performers with a handful of great live singalongs so it’s exciting for fans to finally get their … Continue Reading ››

Fat Goth – Enorme! [Hefty Dafty]

Mainstays of the Scottish underground music scene for several years now, Fat Goth are party-happy Dundonions now on their fourth album of grubby, weed-infused rock music. Their humorous style is reminiscent of Turbonegro or Dead Kennedys – they named their first album Mindless Crap – but there’s some musical chops to their full throttle wig outs … Continue Reading ››

Medicine Men – Into The Light [Last Night From Glasgow]

After garnering themselves an excellent live reputation since forming from the ashes of the now-defunct Selective Service in 2014, Glaswegian four-piece Medicine Men release their long-awaited debut LP Into The Light. The record bursts into life with the instrumental ‘A La Llum’, which eases into the glam-stomp, call to arms of early single ‘Show What You’re … Continue Reading ››

Pronto Mama – Any Joy [Electric Honey]

“Nothing’s really real” sums up the feel of Pronto Mama’s new release Any Joy; the self-described “post-modern bug-eyed beatnik group” believe in “a dirty dedication to song writing”. The sextet, consisting of Marc Rooney, Ciaran McEneny, Martin Johnston, Michael Griffin, Craig McMahon and Alex Sharples, display an array of musical talent; each member playing at least … Continue Reading ››