UNDO – ‘Reach for the Wire’

‘Reach for the Wire’ is very well put together and particularly enjoyable, while being unapologetically raw and rough around the edges at the same time.

It is the second single to be released from their self-titled album, which came out in February.


‘Reach for the Wire’ barely manages to keep all of its energy in, going so many places and doing so many things musically in a fun and frantic way; the sound is threaded excellently by the vocals throughout.

Although the track has quite a typical structure, it feels as if it doesn’t; perhaps because the intensity of the vocals is on a steady increase from start to finish, or because when you think the song is about to finish it slaps you about for another fifteen seconds or so.

The track barely has room to incorporate the sound of these intense vocals alongside the grinding bass, wildcard guitar and furious drums – but it does, and it does it well.

UNDO seem to be a good time band of mad-men, I am excited to see them live already – especially since they seem to have a habit of playing with some other smashing bands, not as excited as I am to hear the album though, which I’ve put off til this review was done.

Words: Paul Aitken


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