American Clay – Sky Hooks [LP]

The new American Clay EP, Sky Hooks, shakes the loose skin off your face with its fuzz induced perfection, providing intelligent verses and humble choruses, forcing you to keep this record on constant repeat.

Opening track ‘Flow’ is a charismatic beast, completely drenched in intensified distortion, partnered with lazy vocals and relevant hooks.

There’s a real darkened, bellowed attitude screaming from the drums – scattering grit in every direction; the guitars are full and explosive, whilst allowing space for the driving bass line to cut through.

As the track draws to an end, it lifts into a gripping and dream-like sustain – the skull shaking vocal leaves you gasping for more.

The haunting echoes of the guitar and vocal melody builds tension between both band and listener in the second track ‘Points’, the most sonically pleasing track on the EP, with its dynamically intelligent transitions and interesting nuances.

‘Second Son’ quickly leaps into a pacing and catchy intro with airy guitars and a memorable bass melody, taking you for a ride, delivering a positive and reminiscent vibe and the shift of witty instrumentation creates a tactful focus towards song writing consistency, while closer Gerard’ has a real 90s feel to it, presenting imaginative arrangements and forward thinking sharpness.

Each track on Sky Hooks is highly inventive with a distinctive, solid-stated sound; a ridiculously enjoyable record that gives off a playful, yet subtle maturity.

Words: John Houston


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