Pictish Trail – ‘Strange Sun’ [Lost Map]

‘Strange Sun’ is almost objectively original; in terms of lyrics, atmosphere, theme and the use of instruments, this is a mature and out of the ordinary effort.

A dreamy, creeping and sprawling piece, this is a bold single – weighing in at almost seven minutes, two minutes longer than any other song on Future Echoes, last year’s album on which it appears – this track wanders lovingly through decades of influence; packaging together something simultaneously light and dark, jovial and serious.


This song is a haunting teaser that makes evident Pictish Trail’s capacity to make subversive, well-considered and profoundly subjective music; concerned not with being liked but with being representative of something personal to the creator.

This is the basis for art and – love it or hate it or something in-between it – should be respected in the music industry.

Words: Paul Aitken


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