Slow Decades – Hinterlands

Five-piece Slow Decades return with their second album Hinterlands following 2014 debut The Frost And The Concrete.

Having previously released two singles from Hinterlands, ‘Broadcast’ and ‘Faded Glamour’, the band has now released this intimate and diverse album in full.

The album opens with the track ‘Sleep It Off’; staying true to its title, this is a laid back, dreamy track with an upbeat melody juxtaposed with a deep male voice displaying nostalgic and pensive lyrics, with an underlying sadness.

This provides a strong and positive first impression and sets the bar high; ‘Savages’ maintains the strong upbeat energy placing musical style at the forefront, as the guitar rhythm and occasional inclusion of melodic piano are the striking aspect of this short and concise track.

As the album continues, we are presented with a darker and increasingly downbeat style, especially with tracks such as ‘Broadcast’ ‘Windmill’ and ‘Faded Glamour’.

The style of the album completely changes; becoming much more raw as we change from the indie-pop style we were initially presented with, to a heavier and much more rock influenced sound.

This alternation between styles and sounds conveys Slow Decades’ openness to experimentation and this comes across very natural to the album’s progression.

There are some tracks on the album that reflect deep nostalgia and a very open insight into life experiences and emotions (‘Mother’s Names’ and ‘Saturn Returning’).

While listening to these tracks, it is easy to see that the band is not only strong in their musical expression and style but also their deep, emotional lyrics.

On closer ‘Brown Boxes’ we return to the upbeat, rhythmic style that we are introduced to within the opening track; through doing this, Slow Decades bring us round full circle as we travel through their differing musical styles and sentimental, memorable lyrics.

Words: Orla Brady


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