Depeche Choad – ‘I Hate Cats/Dead Mole Party’

Depeche Choad are tremendous; their records sound like they came from a bootleg version of Tony Hawks Pro Skater that everyone should play.

‘I Hate Cats’ is thematically consistent in music and in lyrics to the title of the song itself.

The lyric “I hate cats” gives way to other pet peeves including a hatred of “tuna from a can, all the little bits that come out”, and ultimately a hatred of Depeche Chaod themselves – how very self-referential.

‘Dead Mole Party’ is also rather to-the-point, wasting no time painting a picture of the titular dead mole party.

The double A-side lasts about four minutes and is – in that respect – at least four minutes too short – fortunately, you can listen to it twice – as you probably will.

Don’t miss Depeche Choad live, their rendition of ‘I Hate Cats’ involves some audience participation and allows the band to show their improvisational humour, which landed well when I saw them.

Depeche Choad are funny, fresh, enjoyable and have a lot in the can, don’t be a dummy, give them a listen.

Words: Paul Aitken


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