Stillhound – ‘X, Y & Dread’

‘X, Y & Dread’ is a good name for a good song.

The production on the track grabs instruments at will, affecting their audio and mixing it in skilfully.


This is done with and without subtlety, using the elements to develop nice atmospheric swells and dips throughout the track.

‘X, Y & Dread’ is a very stylish song, which is very sparing with its sound, never over-doing anything.

Like the production techniques, the electronic sounds range from being punchy and in your face – perhaps even discordant – to subtle, nuanced and quiet; I am interested to see if and how this aspect of the music is handled live.

Stillhound have a distinct style, which this release suggests is developing into maturity, I expect from this release that their next one will be full of surprises.

Words: Paul Aitken


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