Despite only forming last year, UNDO already have their sound clearly defined and showcase that on their debut self-titled and self-released new album.

‘Hollow Hands’ is a strong opening track, which fuses indie guitars and post-punk vocals to create a nostalgic sound.


‘Paint Me’ is more upbeat and the band admit it’s a song on which they are “positive for once”, though ‘For You’ and ‘Invisible’ have a similarly upbeat feel thanks to some shimmering riffs.

‘Jar’ and ‘Scarlet’ have the moody and brooding atmosphere the band is more well known for, and they pull it off perfectly without being self-indulgent.

UNDO’s reverb-drenched style is influenced by eighties heroes like The Cure and Echo and The Bunnymen, with their own punchy riffs bringing a modern take to the classic sound.

Lyrically, the album deals with themes such as the monotony of everyday life and the struggle to become the best version of yourself, and there’s a glimmer of hopefulness throughout the more downbeat observations.

‘Reach For The Wire’ has the most frantic, punk vibe of the album, with the melodic vocals replaced by frenzied shouts and an urgency from the drums.

Final track ‘Murder’ mixes squealing guitars with a darker bassline – and just when you think it’s over, the band burst back into life for a further minute before the track finally winds down and the album comes to an end.

Throughout the album, UNDO smoothly blend indie and punk to create their signature sound and it makes for an interesting and impressive debut record.

There’s a surprising sophistication in the album and they sound like a band who have been together much longer than a year.

Words: Shannon McGarrity


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