FOREIGNFOX at Sleazy’s, 8/4/16

Finishing work at 9pm on a Friday night isn’t the greatest and starting at 8.30am the following morning is even worse, but running to Sleazy’s in a last minute attempt to catch one of the best local live bands around at the moment is always an excellent idea.

I arrive slightly too late for to catch any of Greater The Divide’s set and only manage to witness Akrobat’s final song, however from the loud claps and cheers it seems the crowd have been enjoying themselves.



Headliners FOREIGNFOX dive right into it, treating their large audience to prominent tracks such as ‘Blackout’ and ‘Quiet at Home’ before delving into a couple new songs, including next single ‘Monsoon’ which will be released on Vadana Records on May 21.

FOREIGNFOX continue to deliver a set full of thunderous indie rock with plenty of soaring hooks thrown in, finishing their set with personal favourite and highlight of the night ‘The Reason For Everyone & Everything’, before departing the stage to the sound of well-deserved cheers.

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Words: Jess Lavin
Photos: Paul Storr


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