Plastic Animals – Pictures from The Blackout [Song, By Toad]

One thing we cannot accuse Plastic Animals of is rushing things, two years of hard work within the studio has now passed and finally the jury is out on their debut album, Pictures from The Blackout.

From the off the album has a sense of a band with a point to prove, an innovative sound which could be considered to be a mix between Arcade Fire and perhaps Radiohead.


The question is in all honesty, has the two-year wait been worth? In simple terms yes.

The band has produced a debut record to be extremely proud of with some great and emphatic moments, notably on the album opener ‘Ghosts’, where the listener is exposed to a wall of sound that bombards you before you even have the chance to take in what is happening.

Pictures from The Blackout may be ambitious, but it has to be, Plastic Animals deserves all the credit in the world for this record; they have not stuck to the status quo of emerging indie groups who have designed my headaches for the past five years with boring Vampire Weekend style guitar riffs and American accented vocals.

Plastic Animals have come up with something different, this notion is particularly highlighted within ‘Burial Party’ where motive lyrics (“bury me next to my father”) are sang underneath a joyous guitar riff, a usual combination, but a combination that truly works in this case.

The album does have its faults, in some cases the songs are too long, you could have gone out a jog, watched a movie and made dinner before ‘Sigh – Fi’ finishes, and although the musicianship is first class, it does in terms go on way too long.

‘Colophone’ is also guilty of the same, however these are things than can be improved on and are minor errors within what can be considered an innovative and creative debut album.

In short, well done Plastic Animals.

Words: Ryan Capperauld


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