Catholic Action – ‘L.U.V’ [Luv Luv Luv]

‘L.U.V’ is the first release on label Luv Luv Luv Records by Catholic Action; repetition then.

‘L.U.V’ is night and day from band’s previous single, ‘The Real World’ (Fuzzkill Records), whereas that previous release was maybe a bit too close to bands like The Thrills (remember them?), ‘L.U.V’ is a completely new recording of the tune that came out on their split with Poor Things (Soon to be R.I.P).


This limited 7″ is a full proper studio effort and the vocals and everything else are all in the red.

The melody of Chris McCrory sounds incredibly polished, from the extent of touring the band has been doing their collective chops have clearly been honed.

It is a bright and bold recording, Ryan Clark’s glam stomp is reinforced with handclaps that add to the overall bounciness of the tune, and the rhythm section is completed with elements of The Fall in the bass department and the distorted bass interlude leads the track to its end.

What begins as a Yummy Fur type questioning itself solo ends with Thin Lizzy harmony guitars.

This does pose the question on what direction the band decide to go in, The Fall route of British indie guitar music or full on pop market guitar band.

Worth watching to see what happens as Catholic Action are really the only guitar band in Glasgow who are doing anything at the moment, really.

This flirtation with two different markets has been one of the elements of their development that has made the band so curious to watch.

Words: Tony Macacrory


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