Catholic Action – ‘The Real World’ [Fuzzkill]

Catholic Action is made up four young men led by Chris McCrory, formally of Male Pattern Band, drummer of much loved Casual Sex and Pinact.

They appear sleekish in black and their cassette single (now sold out) on Fuzzkill Records is more of the 70s, Thin Lizzy and Glitter Band sound that they filter their classic melodies through.


The Casual Sex link has proved vital to CA; they have utilised the same networks that were formed with that band – this is not a criticism it merely has accelerated the growth of a very good band.

Recordings with (members of The Coral) and praise from everyone from Fred Perry to Alex Kapranos has cemented them as one of the hottest prospects to come from Glasgow in recent years and the schooling from Casual Sex only stands to ensure that they live up to everything that is tagged on them.

‘Real World’ and ‘Andrew’ are a distinct change from the glam sound they have been pursuing, the latter being a chilled out instrumental on The La’s side of guitar music.

Words: Gayham Crisps


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