Sacred Paws (EP launch) at Mono, 26/3/15

Making a statement are Glasgow/London based two-piece Sacred Paws with Rachel Aggs on guitar and Eilidh Rodgers on drums.

Despite the long-distance collaboration, the band has recently launched 6 Songs, the aptly named EP.


Reminiscent of bands like the Runaways or The Slits, Sacred Paws combine precision with rough-edged vocals to offer a new addition to the scene.

‘Vince’ is a strong opener, in perpetual triplet form; followed by ‘I Wonder’, ‘Shirley’, ‘Try Again’, ‘Ice Pop’ and ‘San Diego’.

The pair brings a fresh energy to the stage with over lapping vocals giving a sense of the free spirit in their tracks with the offbeat, cross-rhythms and shimmering guitar features.

Like fighting against the tide, you’re never quite convinced the vocals will manage to catch the instrumental before the track ends.

There’s a beautiful anticipation of when and how each track will evolve, and with each ending you’re feeling eager, left hanging, and waiting for the next one to drop in.

The band have developed an established following in Glasgow and are gaining attention nationwide; if you do nothing else give this one a listen, 6 songs later you’ll never look back.

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Words: Rachel Cunningham
Photos: Nadia Mudoch


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