Jack And The – Saharian Sands

Hailing from Edinburgh and describing themselves as chamber pop Jack And The are the brainchild of exiled Frenchman Julien Lonchamp.

Saharian Sands is a sample of songs taken from upcoming second album Melody Cycle, expected to be released this year.


Musically the three tracks are diverse, although a common light and jazzy feel permeates through and binds them together.

Opener, ‘I Think I Am Dancing’ is jangling and faced paced; driven by a funky baseline and organ it manages to remain light and almost sophisticated, with a wonderful pop feel.

The track finishes with the noise of people in the background and the whole sound tips a nod to 60s Paris café life.

Title track, ‘Saharian Sands’ is the standout, with a rich and deep feel provided by orchestrations of organ and cello, yet like the previous track it remains light and almost pop like with sparkle added by delicate percussion.

The vocal is dark and brooding providing another layer to beautifully complex work, yet the words are almost incidental as the overall sound is completed with voice and music.

Closer, ‘Le Cygne Aux Yeux Blues’ (The Swan With The Blue Eyes) is a gentle jazz track infused with cymbals and woodwind.

A pretty love song that conjures up meandering through Parisians avenues, it saunters at a gentile tempo before a female vocal adds a little urgency.

The light and jazzy feel of Saharian Sands continues as this track culminates in an almost “happy clappy” crescendo before fading out.

This is a beautiful record, which is wonderfully crafted and the quality of the musicians shines through.

A glass of white, good company and this record would make for the perfect evening.

Words: Peter Dorrington


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