Record Review: Father Sculptor – ‘Blackshirt’

Blackshirt Neu

Father Sculptor are a fairly new band, having formed in 2012 but have already honed their own distinctive sound.

Thomas David’s vocals may sound undeniably like Morrissey’s but the band’s sparse but deliberated post rock guitar melodies give a haunting, atmospheric edge to the vocals that places them outside of the sometimes indulgent melancholia of Moz and his pained vocals.


David’s vocals are raw and weighted with emotional poignancy by the spare but deliberated guitar melodies and soft but prominent bass notes.

‘Blackshirt’ is a song to listen to at nighttime with its hollow, dramatic notes and understated vocals that simultaneously grab your attention while providing a beautiful and unobtrusive backdrop.

The single sounds comfortably familiar with its repetitive but never boring guitar notes that build up and break down to give way to the bass and drum that creep in a little later.

This is not to detract from the sheer originality of the band—while both the instrumental composition and vocals complement one another; they are so strong and profoundly textured and poetic in their own right that they could stand alone independently.

A kind of middle ground between Explosions in the Sky and The Smiths, ‘Blackshirt’ is a jamboree of musical genres from a set of musicians who are worth keeping an eye on.

Words: Anna Paul


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