Record review: Lovers Turn To Monsters – The Skeletor EP

SkeletorIf music was a religion, Kyle Wood (aka Lovers Turn To Monsters) would be one of its finest preachers, walking around the city streets with for only weapons his all stickered up guitar and voluptuous lyrics.

Because after all, The Skeletor EP, consists of three tracks that expose Wood’s intimate repertoire and brilliant handling of modern poetry.


It is very refreshing to finally realise that some people make music for the sake of bringing musical tales to life.

The EP is a sweet and sour symphony that will drive anyone through a wide range of emotions in less than ten minute.

The guitar parts are well adjusted; they allow Wood to bring his poetry to life in the purest and most honest way.

The young singer touches sensible subjects while stroking his guitar, from the death of a family member to the awkwardness of falling in love; his lyrics reflect substance and insouciance “like what the fuck would I do without you” or “in reality, people just love shitty food”.

Far from falling into the melo-dramatic cliché, LTTM lets us step into a different universe where emotions are magnified and amplified, where crying and laughing become acceptable and where people can get in touch with their own self without being submitted or judged.

Words: Jeremy Veyret


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