Record review: Let’s Talk About Space – ‘Luna Oscillators’

a1064120041_10Let’s Talk About Space is the brain child of Glasgow based Kieran Heather and Chris McGarry which began solely as an educational project teaching children about space and science through music and performance.

Despite their music stemming from this agenda however, the duo’s well-crafted tracks don’t rely on gimmick and this is evident from their forthcoming single, ‘Luna Oscillators.’


The band have toured with the likes of Ladytron and attracted the attention of many other bands such as Silver Apples whom they collaborate with in this single.

Like their other songs, echoes of The Magnetic Fields, Grandaddy and latterly Figurine and Diamond Rings can be heard in this song.

‘Luna Oscillators’ is an uplifting synth-pop track, which with the electronic expertise of Silver Apples and the duo’s own original sounds is a warming and enduring song.

This single sounds mature, which is probably due to it being a collaborative effort and not solely written to appeal to children.

The sedate vocals combined with the soft electro pop track make for very easy listening.

B-side ‘Лайка’, which oddly translates as a breed of dog, is more melancholic with higher notes and wailing synth sounds, which sound regrettably a bit like pan pipes at some points.

It’s like ‘Luna Oscillators’ sounds space-inspired but with a hint of Bowie.

In theory combining good electronic music with educational programs for children shouldn’t work, but in practise it somehow does and perhaps the band’s penchant for gently repetitive and infectiously catchy songs is how they manage to capture the attention of children and adults alike.

The single will be released on 7” vinyl on the July 21 and will be available at

Words: Anna Paul


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