Record review: dBass – Alloy

Fantastic tones, excellent arrangements, and some adventurous free-form jazz await you on Alloy.

The opener ‘Sequential’ is a mellow tune which the listener can almost melt into, it’s that magnetic in its appeal.

‘Peculiar Blues’ follows and keeps good on its name.

There’s something about it that’s unexpected and unpredictable, without ever pushing the limits into the uncomfortable.

It’s a track that keeps you curious for all its eight-minute duration.

‘Stye’ opens with a dry, round bass but soon adds electronic elements into the mix.

There’s mystery and suspense and all, but I can’t help feeling this one’s a little self-indulgent.

Closer ‘Pentacle’ starts off simply with a beautiful piano part before escalating the complexity ever so slowly with each new instrument that enters until we’re met with quite a dynamic, engaging ensemble.

Words: Matthew Slater


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