Record review: The Bucky Rage – Cut ‘Em Down [Eruption Records]

Loose, retro rock rears its head on Cut ‘Em Down by our own homegrown country band, The Bucky Rage.


Although Buckfast may be significantly cheaper than a bottle of Jack, it’s just as effective, with the world-renowned caffeine level providing a boost to the proceedings.

It’s a largely American affair with the country, grunge and surfer rock shining through, but the passion and energy (as well as the cigarette stained vocals) marks it differently.

Each song has an identity of its own – opener ‘Cut ‘Em Down’ is thick and moody; ‘Pow Wow’ wouldn’t sound out of place in a Tarantino film; and ‘Such A Loser’ is a poppy number with catchy backing vocals.

It continues right up to the closer of ‘Wildman’, which teasingly starts and stops a few times.

Although I don’t like country or Buckfast (joking, of course, I like Buckfast), there’s a great mix of genres and styles present here, presented in a good light – think Dinosaur Jr. if us angry, dreich, drear Scots got a hold of it.

Words: Matthew Slater


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