Record review: The New Fabian Society – Exhibition Of Love

There’s a vast array of styles present on Exhibition Of Love by The New Fabian Society – everything is wrapped in a progressive paper that, once ripped away, unveils a completely different gift.

Opener ‘Lost In Berlin’ demonstrates this well with its slithering introduction stretching like a shadow over a post punk alter ego.

‘Necropolis’ follows in a moody, militaristic fashion with its marching drums and solemn vocals shouting to attack.

They pick a path and walk down it with confidence, never sacrificing their identity.

The closer ‘Devious Minds’ leaves the ambition of the previous tracks behind for a straight up post punk party.

It’s upbeat, it’s catchy and it serves its purpose – it’s that final fanfare where we could’ve been left disappointed.

Words: Matthew Slater

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