Record review: Kick To Kill – ‘Avalanche’ [Flowers In The Dustbin]

On Kick to Kill’s new single ‘Avalanche’ we are drawn in by a stylised, teasing introduction.


It lets us close our eyes, turn off the lights, and anticipate the understated vocals of David Cooke.

The marriage of vocals and music create an agonising pace, ‘Avalanche’ is a musical evolution; slow, with complete purpose; and beautifully, intelligently, designed, Kick to Kill are craftsmen through and through, this is to be sure.

‘Avalanche’ is a three minute thirty second display of one band’s mastery of their sound.

The soft, bare-there reverb serves as an echo back to Depeche Mode, Joy Division, and dare I say…minor inflections of The Cure (think Lullaby).

However, far from a mere modern rehashing of the old punk and electro-goth greats, Kick to Kill have taken their essence and owned it.

The great thing about this record is that the listener doesn’t know exactly what it is they’re listening to – we forget genre-association and just enjoy the aural experience.

‘Avalanche’ is glorious, sensual and addictive.

I may not be able to categorise the record; I may not be able to pin point exactly what has made me fall so completely in love with it; but I can tell you one thing:

I may have just broken my repeat button…

Words: Jenifer Farquharson



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