Record review: Mr Peppermint – Yogi [Winning Sperm Party]

Just listen to the album; it’s a little difficult to try to put it into words.


Firstly, I can’t pin down a genre – there’s progressive and punk, shoegaze and psychedelia, noise and post-rock; it simply cannot be categorized.

If I could sum it up I’d call it a twisted and disorientating experience, but one worth experiencing.

From a production point of view, there’s a lot on Yogi that defies convention.

At times it’s mixed like every instrument is at the same level, never finding that balance that most, conventional bands do, at others, they know the rules, break and bend them and mangle the traditional rock setup.

The lines between tracks are blurred and as a result, I don’t think a single song could be taken out of context.

It’s odd and unusual, and a struggle in parts – but I invite you to give it a listen – trust me.

Words: Matthew Slater


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