Today’s news featuring MILK, Midnight Lion and more

MILK are having a Hogmanay party at Lucky Seven with Otherpeople (pictured), Boycotts and The LaFontaines, tickets are £5 just now, there so many choice emerging for bringing in the new year.

Midnight Lion play the Arches on February 15 but you don’t have to wait that long to see them as you can catch them support Three Blind Wolves, fresh from their US tour, on Thursday at Tut’s.

Leeds’ Etai Keshiki play with Gropetown and Prolife in what should be a riotous gig at The Old Hairdressers on Sunday, 8pm, £3 suggested donation.


A Band Called Quinn – ‘Snowblind’:

Holy Mountain – ‘Great Monkey’:

The Machine Room – ‘Cherry Pie’:

Visions Of – ‘Is This Real’ (live at Tut’s):


No Island No Island:

Main photo by Emily Wylde


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