Today’s news featuring New Life, Muscles of Joy and more

The the debut album by organ and drum kit duo Phat Trophies is for sale on cassette and both sides of the release are available for free download on the Winning Sperm Party website.

Along with all their other gigs coming up Honey play the 13th Note on November 26, it’s their fourth gig this month for the others see the listings for the 4th, 5th and 19th. They also play Stairway on December 17 with Vladimir.

Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers support Peter Wiegand at Stereo on November 20.

Rusty Cage are having their Glasgow launch night on December 3 at the 13th Note, the line up includes WildType, We Ate Them Off The Floor, Headless Kross, Sagat, What The Blood Revealed. Tickets £4, doors 7pm.

Headless Kross also play with Low Sonic Drift and Dog Howl Moon at the 13th Note on November 11.

Listen/download to some of the artists here:

The Brazen Cars support I Dream In Colour at Pivo on November 23.


Some tracks by The Machine Room:

Dead Boy Robotics  – ‘Gather On The Threshold’ (The Japanese War Effort  RMX):

Tangles – ‘Can’t Take My Eyes off Of You’:

Rob St. John – ‘Sargasso Sea’:



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