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Did anyone note Cry Parrot and Tracer Trails promising big, big news coming up? Well it’s now here and if you’ve not heard anything of this yet you’ll maybe wet yourself. Basically it’s a rather amazing looking two-day festival up at Studio Warehouse in mid September, get right on get the days off! It’s called Music is the Music Language and the acts already confirmed for the festival (there’s more to come) are: Tattie Toes, Ben Butler & Mousepad, Vom, Vars of Litchi, Wounded Knee, Alasdair Roberts, Nackt Insecten, Cut Hands, Gummy Stumps, Opaque, Ultimate Thrush, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Muscles of Joy, Sarah Kenchington.

That not enough excitement for you, there’s going be a bunch of off site performances throughout the day all still to be revealed, as well as films, stalls and great food (here’s hoping burritos, check Glasgow Mega Burrito now, buy a t-shirt). The dates are September 10-11, 12 noon to 11pm, early bird tickets are a bargain £8. For more details on the event have a look click here.

Speaking of off site performances Winning Sperm Party are putting on the second Generator gig, this one’s in an abandoned building just off Clydewalkway near The Tall Ship and includes sets from Mr Peppermint and Ye Olde Bong Monster. There’s no fee but a £2 donation is asked, please do give it for their expenses and work, times are 7:30-8:30 strictly as this show is outdoors and not in an ‘owned’ venue so get down sharpish. Ignore the date on the poster, this one’s been moved to Thursday. More details here.

Conquering Animal Sound single ‘Tracer’ is now available for download on a pay what you want basis, check here to get yourself downloading. Here’s the video for your enjoyment:


A first full band set from Ben Butler & Mousepad is on the horizon, July 30, Stereo, 11-3, £4. More.

Cheer and Adam Stearns support Jozef Van Wissem at Sleazy’s on July 20, tickets are £4 more details here.

Here’s a cheeky wee gig at Pivo Pivo on June 30 featuring Mondegreen, Vasquez and Bloodlunch. Check it out.

If you’ve caught wind of that secret Fatherson gig on Saturday but don’t know where it is, look here. Shh! Here’s a wee video on tour from them too:


The full Edinburgh School for the Deaf album, New Youth Bible, is available to listen to now, check it out, buy one if you like, I’m sure you will:

Listen to The Cosmic Dead playing an improvised live set joined by none other than Damo Suzuki:

GoGoBot – Turn the World Around:


And a couple of live vids of Esperi:



There’s a bunch of live video’s from The Seventeenth Century here.


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